Rainbow Swing Set Maintenance (DIY Project Download)

Wooden Swing Set Maintenance Experience & Tips. Tip 1: Cleaning the Swing Set Canopy. Rainbow Swing Set Rail Replacement 2016. Mark recently posted. The weather is getting warmer and children are ready to spend more time playing outside on their Rainbow Play Systems swing set! Here are swing set care tips to ensure your play set is safe and sustains a longer life. Annual safety and maintenance services also available. Rainbow swing sets are constructed with commercial grade materials even though our Rainbow Play Systems are intended for residential use only.

rainbow swing set maintenance 2Swing Set Annual Maintenance is important! Call us to maintain your Rainbow Playsets. We Install, Pressure Wash, Restain, and Move all types of play sets! Rainbow Play Systems is proud to offer a wide range of swing set maintenance and inspection services. I have a small yard can I still purchase a Rainbow swing set? Are there any weight limits on a Rainbow swing set? Maintenance Service: 973-396-2537 Commercial: 973-334-4404 info MyKidsRainbow.

Bottom line I would never buy a Rainbow Play Systems set new or used again! 5th of Jul, 2011 by mumom +1 Votes i have had a less than stellar experience with the rainbow swing set i bought 2 years ago. Sealing and staining is not required per my warranty papers or maintenance instructions. Q. What type of maintenance is required for the play system? Q. What type of artificial surfacing do your recommend to put underneath the set?

Annual Maintenance For Playsets

rainbow swing set birthday party 3Rainbow playset after pressure Rainbow playground after staining washing. Have a redwood swing set that was eleven years old – and frankly was really starting to decay. And frankly, I m almost half-way there now so of course it s possible! But what I ve discovered is that insect damage, wood rot, rust and sun damage require more than just annual maintenance. I bought a fancy Rainbow swingset for my 4 year old on craigslist about a month ago. Rainbow Play Systems complaints about that they will not honor the warranty when you make a claim and quality. I have a 3 year old swing set that is rusted and unsafe. All Rainbow play sets come stained with a 10-step water-seal process. Any slides, tubes, and swings will need to be covered or removed with a screwdriver or socket set. Rainbow Swing Sets What type of lumber do you use? A. Rainbow Play Systems uses natural. What type of maintenance is required for the play system? Does anyone have a Rainbow Direct Swing Set? I really wanted a Rainbow when we got a set two years ago, but DH didn’t want the expense and the maintenance.

Swing Set Buyer’s Remorse

Rainbow swing sets are constructed with commercial grade materials even though our Rainbow Play Systems are intended for residential use only. And remember, many of our factory direct showrooms offer annual safety checks and maintenance plans to keep your swing set safe and ready for play in your backyard. We move other brand of swings sets including Rainbow sets. A picture is required prior to moving set. Backyard Playworld also can re-stain the set and perform maintenance on it too. The Swingset Pros – Cedarview Swingset and Gorilla playset installer NJ, PA, and DE. Swing Set Maintenance and Resealing services. Play Nations Swingsets, Big Backyard Swingsets, Lifetime Swingsets, Rainbow Playsets, Willy Goat Swingsets, Lowes, Playsets, Swingset Paradise, Home Depot Playsets, Target Swingsets, Cedar Swingsets, Cedar Summit Playset. If your play-set or other outdoor structure is past maintenance then don’t worry, we can refurbish most structures to bring back the life and function that you previously enjoyed.,rainbow,rainbow,swingset,swingset,playset,play,playset,set,swing,swingset,playset,bestbuy,target,bestbuy,target,lowes,lowes,lowes,homedepot,toys,fitness,fitness,treadmills,homegyms,fitnessbikes,bikes,sheds,shed,shed,lowes,target,new,new,sams,Walmart,Walmart,tv,shed,swing,repair,repair,fitness,basketball,ball.

I am trying to decide which swingset to go with. Or, can anyone recommend their exact model of Rainbow swingset–anyone who is happy they didn’t get the Costco version and bought the more expensive actual Rainbow one??? Is it the worth the extra money? Or, should I just. The only maintenance is to stain it every few years which is a bit of work, but that is it. In 2003 we expanded into a residential and commercial play ground installation and maintenance service, and later we became certified swing set installers. Rainbow Play Systems of NC offers the best warranty coverage & large playset selection. For Durham, NC residential & commercial swing sets, call Rainbow! We provide playset preventive maintenance to add life to your backyard playset. A swingset maintenance package consist of a tightening, pressure wash, and application of water sealant.