Read Your Bookcase Buy (DIY Project Download)

Check out these modular book shelf cubes made out of letters and numbers, both a great idea and beautifully executed. Spell a child’s name or an inspirational word, we think this could really add a stylishly fun element to a kid’s play area. Where to Buy Affordable Stylish Binders? Italian furniture and interior design company, Saporiti has come up with a clever and unique concept for this wooden bookshelf. By playing around with the placement of the shelves within each box, they were able to visibly form the phrase READ YO. By playing around with the placement of the shelves within each box, they were able to visibly form the phrase READ YOUR BOOKCASE. Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf is designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti. So Rad. If so, I would love to know how much it costs and where to purchase it. Thank you!

read your bookcase buy 2You might have already seen this ABC bookshelf floating around the interwebs but we couldn’t resist posting it. Designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Sa. So don’t just read the items on your bookcase, you should Read Your Bookcase too! add Share. I like that you can buy separate cubes and put them into your own configuration, making it very versatile. Comments are closed. IGNORE THE PRICE IT ISN’T REAL This link is to a website where you can find the link to Saporiti an Italian company who this was designed for. I don’t know how you buy it but this is the website.

This week, we read a short article over at NPR about Bookshelf, a blog-turned-book by Alex Johnson about — you guessed it — the bookshelf in all its glory. Some of them are even available to purchase, but even if the one you like best isn’t for sale, we daresay you’ll get some decorating ideas — or at least a yen to pick up your favorite novel. Bookcases are among the most useful pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. Freshome’s bookcase buying guide will help you choose the best one for your home. Style your bookcase like a pro. Book aficionados may scoff at the idea, but you can buy a book purely for its cover.

Abc Shelf For Saporiti: Read Your Bookcase

read your bookcase buy 3As Ikea’s Billy bookcase enters its fourth decade, why do we love to display our reading material rather than store it away?. People definitely buy books to fill up bookcases; sometimes they cover up the bindings to get an overall, supposedly elegant, effect. Nothing says bookish recluse more than retiring behind your book wall for a good read. Available here. Chuck allows you to break with shelf convention, creating a new shape to your shelves with every new item you add to its flexible planks. The ability to read your favorite book, paper, or magazine virtually is mind boggling. Most of the bookcases/bookshelf’s are available for purchase, however others are simply concept ideas that are capable or reality. I’m ruthless about weeding and every book on my shelves has been read. I also only keep books that I think I’m likely to reread, but I don’t see any reason why a functional bookshelf can’t be stylish too. Here are some tips and some inspiration photos to make your bookshelf as stylish as they are useful and as usual let me know if I’ve left anything off the list! I love nothing more than a good tip/suggestion. World Book Day is the perfect excuse to add a few new beautiful, and impressive, titles to your coffee table. Even if you own it this infamous novel, buy it again just for this understated, clinical cover that perfectly represents the mania of protagonist Patrick Bateman. READ MORE. Sinead O’Connor missing: Police search for troubled singer. Irish singer not seen since yesterday in village of Wilmette, Chicago.

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