Reading Lamps For Headboard (DIY Project Download)

Walter Drake headboard light brings bedside lighting to your fingertips. I was using reading lights that attach to my book pages and using a lot of batteries, so this reading lamp on my headboard is the best I’ve bought. – Reading Light In Headboard design ideas and photos. Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington DC Picture: Reading lamps attached to the headboard.

reading lamps for headboard 2This instructable is how I built my wind-up headboard reading lamp. Be forewarned: I’m not an engineer, nor a designer. I’m not even particularly handy. I’m just a guy in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio who wants to do right by the Earth and still read in bed every night. Easy to move or adjust without tools or fuss; over-bed lighting slips on with 2 wire-coated hooks that won’t mar or scratch your headboard. Classic cream-colored pleated shade offers a soft glow that won’t light up the entire room or disturb a sleeping partner; uses a 40 watt bulb or lower (not included).

The Wind-up Headboard Reading Light

Headboard Light