Real Simple Bedroom Makeovers (DIY Project Download)

To sleep, perchance to dream? Maybe, in these newly dreamy, inspiring spaces. The following Real Simple readers were caught in the middle of six very different room makeover projects that they never finished. That is, until our team of experts armed with paint brushes and fresh ideas came to the rescue. For a soothing feel, two walls are painted brown and two cream; lush silk draperies turn the room into a cocoon. Wall lamps eliminate the need to juggle items on nightstands, while odds and ends now reside in pretty boxes.

bed claw queen bed modification plate 2After. The lighting problem is easily solved with wall-mounted lamps. Slim night tables with built-in shelves now hold books. The black bed frame inspires a dramatic new black-and-white color scheme for the bedding, punching up the yellow walls. The downbeat beige-and-brown palette and busy rug pattern make the room seem close, as do the disordered items on the bureau and the bedside table. Turn a bleak extra bedroom into a chic guest room with our creative shopping tips and stylish projects you can do yourself. Bedroom Makeover on a Budget.

(Real Simple) — Have you ever been in the middle of a DIY home decorating project and just stopped?. The following Real Simple readers were caught in the middle of six very different room makeover projects that they never finished. Shanta lives in Forest Hills in a prewar one bedroom apartment. Spacious and with good light, this living room has lots going for it, but lacks color and a real sense of Shanta’s personality. The Real Simple makeover (which looks so warm and upbeat in comparison) incorporates a few smart tricks that are worth a closer look:. White Master Bedroom Makeover: Inspiration. posted by Rachel, February 4, 2016.


bed claw queen bed modification plate 3Real Life Happens. Instead, use these makeover ideas to transform them into rooms that say something about who you are, what you love, and where you come from. 18 Budget-Friendly Makeovers. See how major renovations or simple decorating changes completely transformed these homes. Here are some top picks for small bedroom makeovers that we think will inspire you to stop living in that small, dark room and make a difference in your most personal living space!. From Real Simple, check out this sunny makeover. This season’s 26 episodes include a visit to the Chicago Children’s Museum and a bedroom makeover of Chicago resident Emmy Kondo and her husband, Daniel Rosenthal, filmed last year. Some of my ideas for preparing the guest room came from the article about mini bedroom makeovers in the March Real Simple magazine. 16 Before-and-After Room MakeoversLearn how Real Simple transformed readers’ kitchens, bathrooms, and more. by Mgauna on Feinbergs are all about Simple Pleasures. Real Simple magazine is the periodical embodiment of the Simple Pleasures ethos. 11 Bedroom Makeovers.

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End date: June 15, 2012. is organizing the Bedroom Makeover Sweepstakes and is giving away the chance to a lucky person to win a 2,500 Thomasville gift card!. Best Real-Life Kitchen Makeover – Real Simple – Recipes, Organizing and Simple and Easy Kitchen Makeovers ideas for your home. You may want a nice and comfort kitchen, because it is a room where you spend a lot of time to increase your skill in cooking or do your hobby. Get our design tips and solutions for a stylish small bedroom makeover. Make the most of a small bedroom with these savvy design solutions.