Real Simple Closet Storage (DIY Project Download)

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Check out these stylish DIY storage ideas for sunglasses, scarves, hats, and jewelry. 7 Genius Closet Hacks to Get You Dressed and Out the Door Faster. Use these clever ideas to transform a chaotic closet into an orderly and organized storage space. Real Simple asked Kim Naci, a New York City-based stylist and closet expert, to share her secrets for achieving a well-rounded wardrobe.

real simple closet storage 2Following these steps to an organized closet will help ensure that getting dressed every day is a fast and easy routine. If your closet doesn’t have shelves, consider using part of your clothing rod for hanging canvas ones. Real Simple 60 Wide Canvas Closet provides extra storage in the bedroom, laundry room, attic and more. Conveniently store out-of-season clothing, coats, linens, bedding, towels and more. With storage units, closet organizers, and every type of hanger imaginable, Real Simple takes control of clutter with organizational items for every room, even your disorganized garage.

The 2.00 closet storage solution you’ll use again and again. Real Simple partnered up with Bed Bath and Beyond to bring us simplified organizational tools for the closet. We picked out the five we want for sure. It’s the perfect time to organize your closet. Real Simple’s Stephanie Sisco visited TODAY to show us how to purge the excess clutter.

Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist

real simple closet storage 3In a utility closet, a sweater organizer offers deep cubbies to nest paper towels, recycling bags, and microfiber cleaning cloths, while plastic shoe boxes can hold lightbulbs, extension cords, and rolls of tape. This attractive underbed shoe organizer from Real Simple offers space-saving storage in an attractive collapsible design. It keeps shoes dust-free and hidden. The experts at Real Simple have a knack for recognizing under-used household items as clever clutter-busting tools. Use shower curtain hooks: If space allows, place hooks on a closet bar and hang purses from them to keep your carryalls at eye level. Organize It products featured in Real Simple magazine. I had visions of numerous photos of organized closets and drawers dancing in my head. But apparently, this organization book is only half about organization. The other half? From Real Simple. You can do this by the golden rule of closet organizing: If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. Our 50 Favorite Built-In Storage Ideas.

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If you need more jewelry organization ideas, check out 27 Chic Ways to Organize your Jewelry. Real Simple has come up with another DIY closet fix with household items. The November Issue of Real Simple Magazine brings you organizing advice, cooking strategies, refrigerator revelations, and dozens of other pro tips to help your busiest room positively hum with efficiency. Get more Smart Closet Storage ideas right here at The Snug. Organizing your pantry may not be at the top of your to do list, but do reconsider. A recent article in Real Simple magazine had some great ideas to end.