Reasons For Fall Of Ottoman Empire (DIY Project Download)

While it is difficult to find exact reasons for the rise of the Ottoman empire, except that there must have been skilled leaders, sufficient economic backing and probably weaknesses among the enemies; it is much easier to point at when the fall of the empire commenced, and its causes. This post will analyze two factors that helped bring about the decline of the Ottomans from the 1500s through the 1800s a weak and ineffective government and economic stagnation. Further reasons for the decline of the Ottoman Empire will be analyzed in Part 2 of The Decline of the Ottoman Empire. Such as many other empires, the Ottoman Empire seems to come from nowhere. Probably the rise of a hegemonic power depends on the vacuum of power that previous – old and dying – state structures leave behind. The most basic reason is perhaps the weakness of the old political formations in the Middle East. The decline started when the expansion stopped.

reasons for fall of ottoman empire 2For this reason it is difficult to see if an empire is steadily weakening or reforming by changing colour. Hence there is much debate over when the Ottoman Empire began to significantly decline. Historians such as Dan Smith, Edward Freeman,. The armistice of 31 October 1918 ended the fighting between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies but did not bring stability or peace to the region. The British were in control of Syria, Palestine and Mesopotamia (Iraq), and British, French and Greek forces stood ready to march across the Bulgarian border and occupy Ottoman Thrace and Constantinople. In essence, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East fell into the hands of European powers like Great Britain and France. It was, simply, the insanity of the only carnivorous species that kills its own kind for no good reason.

It tries to paint a simple picture out of a very complex, long story, and in doing so fails to actually understand the reasons why the Ottoman Empire ultimately dissolved. One of the most important factors that led the Ottoman Empire to collapse was Darwinist education, which was prevalent at almost all schools. During that time period, Darwinist philosophy was widely published and accepted by the Ottoman Empire administrators. The reasons behind the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire.

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Why Did The Ottoman Empire Collapse?