Recycled Plastic Moving Boxes (DIY Project Download)

Plastic moving boxes that you rent, not buy, for your move. Did you know that our moving boxes can be used as many as 400 times before they get recycled? Here’s a list of all recyclable, plastic moving box and bin companies by area of the country. Our moving bins are heavy-duty and easy-to-carry. Unlike cardboard boxes, these recyclable plastic moving bins have handles and attached lids for easy packing and transporting.

recycled plastic moving boxes 2They make organizing a breeze, and each box can be stacked on top of one another, which not only helps to save space, but makes transport easier and safer. Our boxes can be recycled and have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. Our plastic moving crates provide a sturdier, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes and can help save you both time and money. Our paper shredding division (ShredX) and electronic recycling division (E-Scrap) enable Rentacrate to offer an entire suite of secure and sustainable business recycling services. Boxes delivered. Rent reusable plastic moving boxes that we deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area. Easier: No tape or box assembly and no recycling mess.

Not all plastic moving crates and boxes are created equal. It’s Your Move crates are manufactured in Canada from recycled plastic, thus the reason they are black in color. Reduce costs and stress on your staff by having plastic moving crates delivered to your office. Our plastic moving boxes are made in Canada from 95 recycled plastic. It’s Your Move plastic moving boxes, moving crates and moving totes are made from high grade, recyclable plastic. As such the crates lifespan consists of approximately 10-12 years.

Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

These reusable moving boxes are recycled and used to make more boxes. Save money. Rather, I was contacted by Spencer Brown of Rent-a-Green Box, who manufactures and delivers recycled plastic moving boxes that save trees by replacing disposable cardboard. Plastic moving boxes are an eco-friendly specialty of Blue Bins. Since 1993, Blue Bins Unlimited has been supplying Canada’s homeowners and corporations with recyclable moving boxes from their Ontario headquarters, and is a proud member of Canada’s Trade Association for the Moving Industry. Our EZ Bins are strong lightweight boxes made from recycled plastic. They are not only cheaper than cardboard boxes but can hold double the capacity as well and are easily stackable which minimizes the space used up in moving trucks providing for a faster, cheaper and easier moving experience. 161 reviews of ZippGo Moving Boxes Found these guys on Yelp. Second, these are much cheaper than buying boxes and I always hate dealing with breaking down cardboard and hauling it off to be recycled. I rented plastic moving boxes for my recent move. Advantages of Plastic Removalist Boxes. These plastic moving boxes are environment friendly, recyclable, and superior to cardboard boxes. They are stackable and securable.

It’s Your Move Plastic Moving Boxes Are Made In Canada From Recycled Plastic

Each Redi-Box green plastic moving box will be re-used hundreds of times before being recycled. They are made of easy to recycle plastic, that is strong, sturdy and all around the best choice when it comes to using a green moving box. Boxzilla Industrial strength & eco-friendly moving containers Custom four-wheel dollies Additional moving supplies- Bubble wrap, packing paper, zipites.