Refinish Dining Room Furniture (DIY Project Download)

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Table Refinishing 101 by Britta Swiderski- redoing dining room table and chairs. Refinishing a dining table top takes muscle and prep. I’m really glad I didn’t have to resort to painting my table because I just love the richness that wood adds to a room, and I love a painted bottom and wood top. We all have mismatching furniture that just doesn’t go with anything else in the house or apartment. Though we all wish it did. Well you can change all that if you’re willing to do the work! Since you’re on Instructables site I’m guessing you are up for almost any DIY challenge.

refinish dining room furniture 2Project: Refinish Dining Table and Chairs Time: Hands on time of 2.5 hours per chair and 5 hours for the table. Anita sent us in an excellent record of her DIY dining set project last year as her January Jumpstart entry. Saving the world, one room at a time. Do you have great dining room chairs, but no longer love the color? Moral of the story: if you’re planning on refinishing multiple pieces of furniture, it is a fantastic investment to purchase a paint sprayer! Just do NOT buy a cheap one or you will be sadly disappointed! Your husband will not appreciate the sobs he has to listen to trust me: ). When your dining room chairs are still functional but leave something to be desired cosmetically, consider refinishing furniture pieces rather than replacing them.

When I shared my cerused dining table makeover yesterday, I had several people comment and say that their own dining table needed a bit of an update as well. I’m a wood person, so I would strip and refinish, like 8. I have refinished MANY MCM pieces over the years and feel like I have developed a pretty good process. Friday I stripped the dining room table I shared here. Refinishing an old dining room table can restore it to the life and beauty it had when it left the showroom floor. The surface of a wooden dining room table is covered with a protective, high-gloss.

How To: Refinish A Dining Table & Chairs

refinish dining room furniture 3If the piece of furniture is well constructed and made of solid wood, then you might want to consider restoring it to its original condition. While paint is always an option, consider the benefits of wood refinishing. You might be saying, But didn’t you just redo a set of dining room chairs?? Yes I did. I just need to refinish the base and chairs. Simple Refinish Dining Room Table at Home: Refinish Dining Room Table Oval. Diy Refinish Dining Room Table,Refinish Dining Room Table Paint,Refinish Dining Room Table Project. Ballpark pricing guidelines for common furniture items with ranges for prior condition and results level needed. Ever wonder how much that refinishing project might cost? Remember that what is done at each phase is important and don’t compare apples and oranges. Item is put in an enclosed room with exhaust fan for 3 days of air-drying.

Eleven Ways To Update And Makeover An Outdated Or Damaged Dining Table