Refinish Exterior Wood Door (DIY Project Download)

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The years and the elements hadn’t been kind to the exterior of this 94-year-old, thick, cypress door. Flakes of varnish still clung to the wood in spots, while the rest of the surface was rough and dried out from the effects of water and sun. Let the experts show you how to refinish a wooden front door. Stained exterior wood doors require frequent refinishing due to sun exposure, dampness and inclement weather. How often you need to refinish the door depends upon the quality of the original stain.

refinish exterior wood door 2Extreme changes in temperature, coupled with the effects of sun and rain, can take their toll on the finish of an exterior wood entry door. To refinish an exterior wood door:. Entry doors can be heavy, so have someone on hand to help you carry it. Put your best facade forward by refinishing a dated, dull front door. Better Homes and Gardens’ contributing editor Danny Lipford shows you how to revitalize a wooden entry door to boost curb appeal.

Every exterior wooden door will need refinishing sooner or later, and mine was no exception: Exposure to the afternoon sun had left the varnish peeling. Exterior wooden doors in Chicago take quite a beating in this weather, what with the driving rain, snow, salt, and beating sunlight. Compared to other household doors, a wood entry door needs more periodic maintenance. Refinishing a wooden entry door is a sensible way to refurbish the door in an affordable and relatively easy way. How to Replace Your Front Door.

How To Refinish An Exterior Wood Entry Door

Refinishing a wood entry door becomes necessary from time to time. Natural weathering, age and blemishes can turn an attractive front door into a battered version of its former self. He would chemically strip the doors, scuff-sand to get rid of any loose or raised wood fibers, remove dark stains using oxalic acid, then seal the exterior side of the door plus all four edges with epoxy resin. QWe have an old front door on our old Old Town house. Years ago, we had it stripped to bare wood and then stained and varnished. I would be happier with a cleaner, smoother look and wonder whether the. After years of sun and water damage (see above), my front door was in need of a re-stain and re-varnish. Your wood door makes your home stand out. Make sure that it looks its best with our quality front door refinishing and restoration. Contact us today! From time to time the clear finish on a front door will fail, due mainly to the ultraviolet of sunlight breaking down the clear coating and the wood fibers underneath.

How To Refinish An Entry Door

If you need assistance in refinishing exterior wood doors, then let A & A General Contractors LLC handle the job. With 20-plus years of experience, they also offer general contracting services including roof repair. Get Information home design Refinishing Exterior Wood Door d Oak Entry Door Refinishing Entry Door Before On New Exterior, you can see Refinishing Exterior Wood Door D Oak Entry Door Refinishing Entry Door Before On New Exterior Pictures and Gallery 27757 end more at Home Ideas. Wood doors. Wood is one of the more common choices for a front door. Despite the faux substitutes, nothing can beat the real deal for many homeowners.