Refinishing A Veneer Table Top (DIY Project Download)

Learn how to refinish furniture faster and easier by avoiding stripping. A seasoned pro tells you how to clean, repair and restore old worn finishes without messy chemical strippers. Back to Top 1 Assess the finish with mineral spirits. If you discover missing veneer, chipped wood or a damaged molding, you can fix it easily with epoxy putty. Kevin showed us the process he uses, and the resulting repair is so realistic that it’s hard to spot. We gave everything three full days to completely cure in our well-ventilated sunroom so by the time we brought the dresser into our nursery over 72 hours later everything was nice and solid so we didn’t have to worry about getting rings on the tabletop if we placed an object on it. It’s in rough shape, and I would love to refinish it. The top though, is either veneer or laminate, which leaves me puzzled as to how to refinish it. I know they take different strategies, so I’d like to figure it out before pulling out the sand paper. Just bought a MCM coffee table at my local thrift store.

refinishing a veneer table top 2Paint can hide a multitude of sins, including burns, missing veneer and water stains. To get an idea of what your piece will look like refinished, find a protected spot where the original wood is visible, such as the back of a solid-wood drawer front, underneath the top surface of a chest of drawers, or the backside of a leaf in a drop-leaf table. Tutorial: How to refinish a wood (veneer) table and make it look pretty. First we focused on the top of the table because it needed the most work. How to Repair Furniture Veneer – Learn how to repair a veneer surface on this page. You’ll find tips for fixing blisters in veneer, loose veneer, chipped veneer, and more. On this page, we’ll discuss basic techniques to repair veneer on your wood furniture for any at-home furniture refinishing or restoration project. Remove only the top veneer layer; do not cut into the base wood.

Does anyone know if it is possible to refresh wood veneer? I have a lovely old table but the top has had much use over the years and the veneer looks terrible. I’m creating a sunroom sanctuary one step at a time. First, for utmost functionality, I bought and refinished a table. Sunshine, lollipops! Part of my plan was to refinish the tabletop, which was the most damaged part of. So tonight, I removed as much of the wax as I could with denatured alcohol, re-sanded the veneer, and applied the first coat of the gel.

How To Tell If Wood Furniture Is Worth Refinishing

refinishing a veneer table top 3Place the heated iron on high setting on top of the damp towel and hold in each area for 30 seconds or so.

Refinishing Wood Veneer Furniture