Regulation Height For A Mailbox (DIY Project Download)

It also contains the standards for curbside mailboxes. The custom-built box must generally meet the same standards as approved manufactured boxes for flag, size, strength, and quality of construction. Subject to state laws and regulations, a curbside mailbox must be placed to allow safe and convenient delivery by carriers without leaving their vehicles. The U.S. Postal Service has issued mailbox regulations regarding residential mailboxes. A curbside mailbox can be one of three size for residential mail:-. I read USPS regulations that stated a rural mailbox post cannot be made of concrete or steel, but aluminum is an accepted metal for posts (as well as wood).

regulation height for a mailbox 2Before 1992, regulations regarding the size of mailboxes in the United States only applied to mailboxes in rural areas. Act section that covers clear space and reach dimensions is noted below:. The mailboxes must be installed according to USPS-STD-4C regulations as listed below and shown here. US Mailbox Regulations: The mailbox must have a flag and a.

Proper installation of mailboxes along Calhoun County roads is very important. Mailbox posts can be made to be so strong that they will not yield when hit. Rules and Regulations. Location of your Mailbox: The roadside face of the box should offset the following distances:. The minimum dimensions of this internal space shall be 160 mm. The new design standards do not apply to mailboxes made for door deliverly service.

Mailboxes And The Postmaster General

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