Remove Carpet Hardwood Floor (DIY Project Download)

When you find hardwood floors under your old carpet, you would probably want to remove the carpet and let the natural beauty of a hardwood floor stand out, or you may just want to replace it with another type or color of carpet. Though a lot of people prefer to hire professional help, you can save a lot of money by just doing the job yourself. When I first purchased my home, the floors were covered in the ugliest wall to wall carpeting I had ever seen, so naturally the first thing I did was have them removed, only to discover the hardwood floor underneath. Their condition however left a lot to be desired, aside from years of accumulated dust I also had to tackle tack strips and dried adhesive. Removing old carpet is the first step toward having something besides old, stained carpet as your floor. Even if you are hiring someone to install new flooring, you may want to pull out the old carpet yourself. Some older houses have ugly, old carpet right over hardwood floors. Pull up a corner of the carpet and see what’s underneath if you haven’t yet.

remove carpet hardwood floor 2Today I’m going to teach ya’ll how to pull up carpet and refinish those gorgeous wood floors that may be hiding under your carpet. This is a project I’ve wanted to tackle for a while and recently got the go ahead! from our landlords. I am looking for a company that does hardwood floor refinishing in mississauga. You are going to refinish and show off that hardwood floor under your carpet, but you better be able to remove the carpet without marring the floor in the process. Here’s how. So, I found that there’s hardwood floors under my carpet, now what?

I’m hoping that I can remove the carpet and any adhesive and just apply the stain and protective coating without sanding. Is this a completely unrealistic expectation? Or do people sometimes get lucky and have hardwood under carpet that doesn’t need sanded?. We just bought a house with lovely bright pink carpeting over hardwood floors, and tore it all up. The foam underneath was multi-colored, and the black spots appear to have melted to the floor. So, what’s the easiest way to remove these from the floor without ruining it? I’ve read online suggestions of hardwood floor cleaner, Goo-Gone, soapy water, and even dry ice. Again, for those with hardwood underneath, hopefully your padding is not attached with thousands of staples. This will depend on the original installer as some will load a bunch of ’em into the floor. To remove staples, needle nose pliers work well.

How To Remove Carpet And Refinish Wood Floors: Part 1

There have been different thicknesses of hardwood flooring milled over the years and their wear layers are different. Once all the carpet is removed the home will open up, common sounds will be more pronounced because the insulating factor of carpet has been removed. Is it possible to just rip up the carpet, remove nails/tacs, clean the floors, and be done? Is there a point to doing anything else outside of appearance? Would the floors be okay to walk on comfortably without refinishing? Rubbery carpet padding can fuse onto a hardwood floor. After 26 hours of labor, I found out how (and how not) to remove carpet padding from hardwood floors. Want to replace old carpet or refinish wooden floors? Learn how to remove carpet padding from your hardwood floors with this simple instructional guide. He put the same carpet throughout the house, and all of the walls are a neutral color. It was time to start making it ours. How to refinish your hardwood floor (under carpet). by vlxwgn. Tags: Hardwood Carpet removal staining wood entryway mudroom. There nothing more disheartening than to know you have hardwood floors, and have unseen damage after removing to carpets prior to move in. If the floor squeaks (off grade-wood sub-floor), odds are they have some age on them, have been effected by humidity (or improper carpet cleaning) thru the years or may have been wet at one time or another (excessive squeaking), or there may be additional underlying problems, sub-floor damage, foundation settling? See FAQ’s & Problems, Causes and Cures.


Ripping up wall-to-wall carpeting in preparation for hardwood floors is no joke! But with some muscle and handy tools, it’s a job anyone can do. Anyone who has ever removed old carpeting can share countless related horror stories. Do buyers prefer carpet or wood floors in the bedroom? Dear NH,. I removed one piece of carpet from the last step on the staircase. I wanted to see if the wood underneath was any good. The wood is nice, but I don’t want to ruin the floor by improperly removing the tackless strip. My second question is, Why do they call it a ‘tackless strip’? On one step I must have received four or five pricks from the tacks on the tackless strip.

Over time, carpet can suffer color reduction as well as wear and tear and need to be replaced. Part of removing carpet means making way for the new finish material, such as with hardwood floors, and the existing carpet installation has to be completely removed and the floor taken back down to the original subfloor surface. David Auten, owner of Piper & Auten Floor Sanding in Centerville, Ohio, said it’s possible that the wood floor under an old carpet is in good shape, but in some cases the floor is damaged, and in other rare cases there is no hardwood floor at all under the carpet.