Removing Pocket Doors Without Removing Trim (DIY Project Download)

removing pocket doors without removing trim 1

This is a common task when you are installing new flooring that is thicker than the old flooring. You need to remove the pocket door and trim to accommodate the new floor. It’s easier than you think. Just like any other door in your house you may need to take them down from time to time. Pocket doors are a little different than other doors to remove. Knowing how to remove a pocket door can be a useful skill. Hopefully you were able to get your pocket door removed without too much difficulty. But the inboard roller has come off the track, causing the door to bind. I can see the track, but the door is cased with trim. Can I get the door back on track without taking off the trim, and how can I remove the door without destroying the wall?.

removing pocket doors without removing trim 2Angle the door so that the front edge will clear the door jamb. Slide the back end of the door out of the pocket. Remove the door from the opening, tilting it slightly if necessary to avoid the top trim. Begin by removing the door from the opening. Pull it towards you and lift the rollers out of the track. Use stiff putty knives or pry bars to remove the trim, door stops, and any head jamb pieces that will keep you from having access to the track. I have a pocket door whose track is shaped like a C and where the wheels are almost snapped into the track. And you just can’t replace one track for another without opening the wall to get to the pocket door frame to remove the old track and/or install a new one. Removing the door is a simple task- you have to remove the trim that is around the opening keeping the door vertical.

Can you easily remove the door after one side of the top split jamb is removed? If not, you can have big problems. You can buy a pocket door hardware system that allows you to easily disconnect the door from the 3 or 4 wheeled hangers. Take extra care when you remove the trim in particular since it is not as easily replaced as the jamb nailer. Old Door. Remove the old pocket door from the opening and detach the hardware so it can be reused on the new one, if necessary. I’ve got one hand in my pocket door and the other is prying off trim. Just so we could remove the door entirely from the track so that I could walk it out to the garage (in a rainstorm) and saw off about an inch of door on the bottom. Without even waking the baby?

How To Detach A Pocket Door

Removing a pocket door usually involves first removing the trim from the open side of the door jamb. If your door rides on trolleys, you may be able to remove it without removing trim. Open the lever on the front trolley to free that half of the door. Pocket doors are meant to last a lifetime without repair, but poorly designed hardware, settling and installation errors sometimes cause them to fail. Removal of the trim casing around the door is the first step you must do to remove the pocket door. Does anyone know if there is a tool that I can buy or rent that will allow me to trim the bottoms of my pocket doors without removing them? They pull all the way out, so if there’s some sort of saw that I could use on the floor, I could cut all the way across without running in to the wall. How to paint a door without removing it from the hinges See more about How To Paint, Doors and Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. Pocket doors can be genius solutions for all kinds of rooms but it’s the hardware that makes all the difference. (like the one seen here, without stiles and rails) because the comfortable diameter doesn’t overcrowd a narrow door stile. These modern approaches to window trim include no trim at all. We did a major renovation about a year ago, and one of the pocket doors that was installed at the time has just crapped out on us. I had some of the trim off, and wanted to see if it was enough to get the door out, without removing all the trim.

Solving Pocket Door Problems

One simple way to update the look of an interior door without replacing the entire door is to change the door trim. Removing and replacing door trim can typically be done in the space of an afternoon. You’ll need a pry bar and some patience to remove the old trim, and new trim to replace what you’re removing. Removing a pocket door starts with removing the trim pieces. These are the narrow pieces of wood around the opening. Pocket doors can jump their tracks, bi-fold doors can pop out of their pivot mounts, and hinged doors can become stuck in their frames. After you’ve fixed the panel, buy new moldings to match the rest of the door’s trim. Needless to say, I had some cabinets to move but I couldn’t mount them to a wall with a pocket door in it, so Pocket Door.