Replace Fisher Price Swing Motor (DIY Project Download)

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I had read a thread a few days ago about ladies with fisher price cradle swings and how the motor would crap out after a few weeks of use. I called Fisher Price and they are sending me a new motor housing. If not, I would contact Fisher Price, they may replace or repair that part for you at no cost. From looking around the internet I discovered that you can replace the motor with a motor from an Airwick Freshmatic air freshener. I had DH swap them out (Just a couple wires and some solder) and I put it back together (he couldn’t figure it out LOL).

replace fisher price swing motor 2Cannot even find how to locate a replacement, or if we should given the reviews of the replacement motors on here. We have a Fisher Price swing and the motor died. We only got it like 2 months ago. They could not replace it but qould give us a discount. Since we got the swing When i first found out i was pregnant. Baby Swing Renaissance: Save Money with Parts Replacement. A Google search suggested the problem might be the motor, so I called Fisher Price to investigate.

Which baby swing will help your baby sleep the best? I have found that Graco customer service will send you a replacement motor (they’re surprisingly easy to swap out) for free. But that’s the only one baby was happy with. Follow the tutorial and replace the motor ourselves? It didn’t really look like something we wanted to dabble with. New fisher price snugamonkey cradle n swing motor head replacement part. 331700855392.

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The baby swing motors are built for a standard usage and any activity that deviates from this standard can cause a motor breakage and also your heart breakage because of the repairing cost.

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