Restore Teak Wood (DIY Project Download)

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Teak must be clean before restoring, but strong cleaners can injure the wood. Instead, use a mixture of about 75 percent water and 25 percent mild detergent, and scrub with a brush, moving with the grain. At one point we switched over to a teak protector that Smith & Hawken offered. Instead, I felt we could restore the wood of the tabletop to something a whole lot nicer. With research and guidance, consumers can refinish their teak furniture with ease, and quickly restore the natural elegance of this precious material.

restore teak wood 2What is the best way to restore outdoor teak furniture to the original or better looking color? Teak is so beautiful when it has not been weathered. But that would be very time consuming to sand between each piece of wood for the style we have. Teak is the most common wood found on pleasure boats, although many wouldn’t use the word pleasure in the same sentence as teak. Paint provides the longest lasting protection but it hides the wood. Two-part teak cleaners are dramatically effective at restoring the color to soiled, stained, and neglected teak, but these formulations contain a strong acid–usually hydrochloric–and should only be used when gentler cleaning methods have failed.

First remove the piece from any finished surface or remove any items that might be affected by the cleaning process. Teak cleaner will not hurt the lawn or fiberglass but it may damage painted surfaces or stain a patio, always wear rubber gloves and goggles when using this type of cleaner. Handy Craftsman Paulus van Beek; Written and designed by Paul van Beek; Teak-wood Outdoor furniture restoration & Information about Teakwood shortly. While teak is very durable, it can become weathered. It is possible to refinish it to bring back the wood’s natural beauty.

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restore teak wood 3A friend gave me this old weathered Horsnaes teak chair that was in pretty bad shape. So, here is my Danish teak chair restoration. I felt like I needed to sand the wood to get a more even coloration. It had been outside way to long.

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