Rgb Coffee Table Arduino (DIY Project Download)

Interactive Arduino Powered Coffee Table. Google Play Music Internet Radio (Raspberry Pi and Arduino) Arduino Web Enabled RGB Lighting. The code I used in the Arduino sketch demonstrates direct port manipulation, which is a fast and powerful alternative to digitalWrite(). Update 3/20/2011: I decided to build Lampduino instead of the coffee table.  I built it as a study for a more ambitious project, which will be an 8×8 RGB coffee table. Taking a stock Ikea table, this hacker added a set of 81 individually controlled RGB LEDs to the frame, creating a glowing livingroom centerpiece.

rgb coffee table arduino 2A beefy 5V 12A PSU provides the juice, and an Arduino takes care of the addressing. 13 thoughts on Addressable RGB LED Coffee Table. Turn your living room into an impromptu nightclub with this hypnotic DIY RGB Coffee Table; it uses 9×9 array of 81 Arduino-controlled ShiftBrite LEDs installed on a 2×2 Ikea table. From the MAKE Flickr pool Macetech built this dazzling RGB coffee table – IKEA Granas side table (over 2×2 feet, big enough for coffee table) with 9×9 arra. Currently running a simple sine plasma into HSV/RGB conversion on an Arduino (Seeeduino).

IKEA Granas side table (over 2×2 feet, big enough for coffee table) with 9×9 array of 81 ShiftBrite RGB LED modules. RGB LED coffee table is decorative piece of furniture which complements any interior. It’s made of 12×8 LED full RGB matrix controller by Arduino. This Arduino-controlled Reactive LED Coffee Table was made by Yohash from Japan. Smart Xmas Tree with RGB LED Strip is featured on Instructables!

Addressable Rgb Led Coffee Table

Shiftbrite Rgb Coffee Table