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The Octopus Chair is the first piece of the Animal Chair Collection, and it establishes a base and point of departure for the pieces to come. Spanish artist Maximo Riera created the five intricately moulded pieces – shaped as a whale, octopus, elephant, walrus, rhinoceros and lion – at his studio in Cadiz. This is not a chair that you can put against the wall at home! Created by Spanish artist Maximo Riera, The Octopus Chair waves a dismissive tentacle at questions like WTF!?, Why? and Where on earth would I put it?.

riera octopus chair 2After his former hits Walrus Chair, Rhino Chair, Octopus Chair and Elefant Chair (featured on Freshome a while back), the Hippopotamus Chair adds up to the line of majestic seating units. Alert your local villain – Maximo Riera’s Octopus Chair is finally ready for purchase. The handmade chair is available in limited quantities. We’ll wait for the Walrus Chair. How would it be if a giant octopus kidnapped your favorite chair? Yatzer may have the craziest questions but at least it has the most convincing answers.

Animal Chairs By Maximo Riera. The main reason Maximo Riera chose to create a chair is because it is an everyday object, something taken as common and banal in our lives. Octopus Chair. The Octopus Chair is the first piece of the Animal Chair collection by Spanish artist and designer Maximo Riera. A three-year labor of love, the chair used. Mximo Riera is an accomplished artist who was born in Asturias, Northern Spain. At the lower end of the spectrum, The Octopus chair will set you back 51,450; while The Whale chair commands a price of 95,520.

Baffling The Mind: Hippopotamus Chair By Maximo Riera

The Whale Chair. The Octopus Chair. The Rhino Chair. The Elephant Chair. The Hippo Chair. Unusual Animal Chairs by Mximo Riera. The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. Designer Maximo Riera presents the Octopus Chair, the first piece of his Animal Chair collection which establishes a base and point of d. The Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera, the first piece from his Animal Chair collection. The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from ma See more about Octopuses, Chairs and The O’jays. The utterly cool new Octopus Chair is a monstrous cephalopod-inspired tentacled throne by Spanish artist Maximo Riera that is sure to cause jaws to drop in sheer awe or in a terrified scream. Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera. by zinconinco 2 years ago. 0 points. 171 views. Add tag. add a custom tag. Add. Post Options. report post. embed post.

Animal Chairs By Maximo Riera

Created by spanish designer maximo riera, the ‘rhino chair’ is a continuation of his work which marries furniture with an animal as its main formal component. like its predecessor the ‘octopus chair’, the ‘rhino chair’ is composed of an inner frame along its main body in order to support its weight and reinforce its stability and balance. Jet black and richly detailed, Maximo Riera’s sculptural Animal Chair collection consists of an octopus, a rhinoceros, a lion, a whale, a walrus and a beetle. Spanish artist, Maximo Riera’s first creation in his Animal Chairs series is the Octopus Chair. Each creation retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst.