Ring Video Doorbell Installation (DIY Project Download)

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If you need help, please consult our FAQs and installation guide, or contact our customer support team if you can’t find answers to your questions. Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and sends real-time notifications to your smart phone or tablet when someone is at your door. The Ring Video Doorbell offers a more refined and comprehensive approach. Had I been able to install the Ring where my old-school doorbell was, I could have used the existing wiring to power it, and the chime already installed in my house. The instructions are clear and well laid out. You can wire it up to your existing doorbell but it doesn’t need to be and can be installed on its’ own.

ring video doorbell installation 2Today we’re taking a look at the Ring Video Doorbell. This may be familiar to some of you out there as it was featured in our Top Smart Home Tech of CES 2015 article a few months back, but we’ve finally got our hands on it and today we’re going to see what it’s all about. The Ring Video Doorbell lets you use your smartphone to see who is at your door before you open it. The doorbell comes with a 4.9-by-2.4-inch mounting plate that attaches to any surface including wood, cement, brick, vinyl, and stucco. Ring Video Doorbell review: The gadget that makes crooks think you never leave home. When pairing Ring to your phone, make sure you do so at the exact location where the doorbell will be installed.

Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and streams live audio and video to your Windows 10 device. Initially Live View is only available for Ring Doorbells that are hardwired, meaning connected to doorbell wiring for power. The biggest difference compared to the skybell is probably the video quality and the fish eye lens. I received a Ring Video Doorbell for review and installed it as a replacement for my existing doorbell. Here’s how the install went.

Review: Ring Video Doorbell Is A Simple Smart Home Accessory That Puts Security First (video)

ring video doorbell installation 3The Ring Video Doorbell is a device that aims at marrying the two ends of this concept, allowing you to feel more secure in your environment, while simultaneously allowing you to revel in its stylish upgrades. I have my Ring doorbell connected to my existing doorbell wires. Installation Video. Install the Pro Power Kit before installing Ring Pro outside. This left just the home’s original wiring, and the Ring Video Doorbell is now working just fine, for 10 hours straight now.

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