Ringing Doorbell At Night (DIY Project Download)

It all started Sunday at 3:32 AM. I was sleeping with my wife when the doorbell woke us up. We live in the ground floor of an apartment building near the Sa. Last night at about 2am we had someone(s) ringing our doorbell twice. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming it. My husband and I went down to investigate and flicked on some lights but saw no one. I WAS brushing my teeth around 11 o’clock the other Sunday night when someone rang my doorbell. The digitized chime approximates the booming gong that might sound in an old horror movie at the moment the innocent girl dashes into the haunted mansion in the middle of a terrible storm after her car runs out of gas.

ringing doorbell at night 2I just had someone ringing the door bell then my mom went and turned on the lights. One night, at about 10pm, a guy rings his doorbell. This all started a couple weeks ago on a Friday night. Someone rings the doorbell, I look outside, and no one is there. I think, cute, we have little kids playing pranks on the neighborhood; harmless. Your doorbell ringing is not something you hear that often anymore. Hearing it go off during the day is fine, but when someone is repeatedly ringing it in the middle of the night, it kind of makes you feel like you’re trapped inside a horror film.

These cases start with the criminals ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night. If nobody answers, they break into the home, sometimes while residents are sleeping. If you ever want to scare the shit out of someone ring their doorbell in the middle of the night. For whatever reason I was absolutely terrified. SECOND: A doorbell ring in the middle of the night, with no one apparently there, might not be your imagination or a prank. Last night we heard scanner traffic about another mystery ring, at least the third one we’ve heard of in the past week; today, a reader shared a report from his neighborhood e-mail list.

Random Doorbell Ringing At 1 In The Morning

I live in a very quiet suburb of Houston and last night, at midnight, my door bell rang. But yes thats creepy that someone would ring your door bell that late. To be honest, the middle of the night doorbell kind of freaks me out and a) being startled awake and b) my fear of whatever is going on at that hour would likely prevent me from ever answering the door. If I don’t know the person ringing, not sure what I would do – maybe go out the back door and walk around to the front to speak with the person. Police warn about doorbell-ring burglaries. Officers say recurring crime follows a specific pattern. I’d imagine that if they had any ill intentions, they’d at least move on to another neighborhood. If a neighbor was burglarized that night, I’d have the photo. Of course I wasn’t expecting this, and if someone is ringing my doorbell at 12:30am on a work night, you better have a damn good reason. All burglars knock on door, ring door bell first to see if anyone is home. If nobody answers, the burglars see opportunity. Check your home: At night, turn on every light in house. Go outside to see what you can see inside house?. I usually go home after, clean up the gun and call it a night. Folks, burglers in our neighborhood routinely ring the door bell in the middle of the night to try and see if someone is home.

Doorbell Burglars Leave Dc Residents On Edge

Last night the doorbell rang at 11:30pm. But the family member and I was talking about that after last nights doorbell ringing. What is weird is to see no one at all. I so need one of these! People ringing my doorbell late at night to sell stuff need to stop! See more about Funny Signs, Kid and Signs. Also; they’re still, ringing her doorbell all night long. And if your door bell rings late at night, ALWAYS answer the door to let them know somebody is home. HAVE THEM LAY THE PHONE DOWN AND RING THE BELL WHEN THEY ARE DONE.

The Ring doorbell has failed to fulfill my high hopes unfortunately. Below is a short video taken at night, to show off just how poor the video quality could potentially be with this unit. Apparently I’ve had crummy doorbells for the past 45 years and didn’t even know it. The field of view is 180 degrees and the RING has night-vision!