Ringing Doorbell Late At Night (DIY Project Download)

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Neighbors tell us the doorbell burglars have struck several times in the Barnaby Woods neighborhood. Residents say the burglars first ring the doorbell late at night, after 11 p. SECOND: A doorbell ring in the middle of the night, with no one apparently there, might not be your imagination or a prank. Scary to hear others are having mysterious late night callers too. Last night at about 2am we had someone(s) ringing our doorbell twice. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming it.

ringing doorbell late at night 2When a Palo Alto woman went to answer a knock at her front door late in the morning of Aug. If an unknown visitor rings the doorbell, police say, residents should speak through the door or find another way to acknowledge that someone is home. If a neighbor was burglarized that night, I’d have the photo. I just had someone ringing the door bell then my mom went and turned on the lights. All burglars knock on door, ring door bell first to see if anyone is home.

Late night panicked knocking at the door and someone rang the doorbell, everyone’s asleep, I didn’t answer the door..Should I have done something differently? (self. Since it’s late at night whenever I order, I usually try to be unoccupied and ready to answer the door so they don’t have to knock too many times or too loudly. But then it rang again and again and it didn’t stop ringing. I immediately bolted out of bed and set our alarm. If you ever want to scare the shit out of someone ring their doorbell in the middle of the night. That is way too late to be ringing a doorbell!

Police Warn About Doorbell-ring Burglaries

ringing doorbell late at night 3Last night the doorbell rang at 11:30pm. Everyone was asleep. But the family member and I was talking about that after last nights doorbell ringing. What is weird is to see no one at all. We had a knock at the door one night–very late. DH and I were in bed. Apparently, the front doorbell rang at about 4:30, just after our dog began a low growling walk towards the back door., doorbell rings at night, ringing doorbell late at night. Because of that I got home late and started to clean my gun, but didn’t finish it and left it on my workbench in the basement. Folks, burglers in our neighborhood routinely ring the door bell in the middle of the night to try and see if someone is home. Burglers alway ring the doorbell prior to breaking in. It’s only polite. Now late at night it freaks me out to have people knock on my door.. Back to Top. Man tackles teenage trespasser pounding on his door and ringing his doorbell late at night after he runs away to hold him for police. Since you’re reading this here you can guess who is in legal trouble. We too have had our door bell rung in the middle of the night. i do have a big dog and i’m grateful that she has not gone through the glass on my front door yet. But, like i said, i do have big dog and its really starting to get annoying when they ring the bell, the dog goes crazy barking and leaps on the glass of my front door. These days, if someone is at your door late night or early AM, we don’t have the luxury of taking the time to go meet and shake their hand and learn more about them and their intentions.

Late Night Panicked Knocking At The Door And Someone Rang The Doorbell, Everyone’s Asleep, I Didn’t Answer The I Have Done Something Differently?

When it’s late at night and the doorbell rings it can be concerning especially if you are on your own and you’re not expecting anyone to be calling. At 2:39 a.m., a woman was awoken by her doorbell ringing, but there was no one at the door. She requested to speak with an officer. 37th and Hudson: late night (11:30pm) doorbell rings. This is second time. The person ringing is allegedly a the neighbor across the street. When a stranger’s at your door late at night – posted in Urban Legends: I recall looking out my window and seeing a guy staring at my window, at the street sign. I had crashed out early on the couch when at about 4-ish am the doorbell started ringing.

Does not solve the problem of people ringing the door bell at night but will be less annoying. If it’s only late at night, and if sleep is more important than receiving legitimate visitors, have you considered just gaffer taping a piece of cardboard over the intercom at night? Drunks probably wouldn’t investigate beyond the surface.