Ringing Doorbell No One There (DIY Project Download)

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I live in a rural setting and there is no way someone could have rang my bell and ran without my catching them at it. I keep ringing doorbells and no one opens the door. During the hours of usually 4-10am our doorbell will ring with no body there. This never happened before and our entire family experiences it. I have a doorbell that sometimes off and on at night it will ring. there is no one at my door; button not pushed. My hardware store said they had never heard of it.

ringing doorbell no one there 2The whole time the doorbell was ringing and there was non-stop banging at the door. The banging stopped but the doorbell kept ringing and ringing. NO ONE was there, no package, no one near my house at all!!! I got up immediately and went to the door. Have you had a doorbell ring and no one was there? Did you figure out it was an old battery or something?. If an unknown visitor rings the doorbell, police say, residents should speak through the door or find another way to acknowledge that someone is home. I no longer open the door to anyone and think one always, sadly, has to be on guard.

I’ve given up on going to the front door when it rings because there’s never anyone on the front porch. Does anyone besides me have a doorbell that rings all of time when no one is there?. As I was walking toward the door, he said, No one’s there. The doorbell was not broken, did not ring without being pushed before this, and it hasn’t happened since that last night. I had someone ring my bell at 4:16am last week, no one at the front door. If the doorbell rings at midnight and no one is there when you open it, then it’s probably teenagers plying ‘ding dong ditch’ me being a teenager I used to do this until I grew up.

If There Is Nobody There, Why Is The Doorbell Still Ringing?

Come to think of it, all the banging around and doorbell ringing before happened when he was living with his parents. It stopped for a while when he had his own apartment and was in jail until he was arraigned. Last night at about 2am we had someone(s) ringing our doorbell twice. But if there’s really nobody there, sleeping pills might be contributing to the delusion and to the anxiety. Twice today I hear clearly a door bell ring and both times no one was there?? Does anyone know what this might mean?? Just this week it’s been sounding when there’s nobody at the door. Is someone else’s wireless doorbell using the same radio frequency which is interfering with ours and if so, how can I rectify the problem?. Was a house about 150 yards away, but mine didn’t ring theirs far as I know. We looked out of the front door window, no one there. Now am afraid that the ghost found me from my parents house and it’s going to start some damage here, hopefully not. I don’t know if the whole door bell ringing thing is true, but that’s what I heard. When I answer the door no one is there, everything is the same except for the faint sound of a child laughing. Doorbell ringing very morning at 2 a.m., a child’s consistent laughter for a half hour, I don’t know.

Doorbell Rings And No One Is There

I have had the phantom door bell.during the day.as i am prone to cat naps in my chair.i know that it is not pain related but as i am a regular on this web site. I answered the phone, no one there. She firmly believed that Whitney had come to visit her and was making her presence known by ringing the doorbell. She got up, disgruntled, only to find there was no one at the door. Why does the wireless doorbell ring without someone pushing the button? Sometimes, just entering the keycode to open the door will set off the chime, even though they are not connected at all and nobody pushed the actual doorbell button. There are no other similar chimes in our building, and the button/chime pairing code is changed to a non-default. When my husband went to go check it out, there was nobody there. But yes thats creepy that someone would ring your door bell that late.

My doorbell would ring and there was no one there. One day I opened it and saw the Postie a few doors down, asked him if he had seen anyone. I’m asleep and wake to the sound of the doorbell or a knock. I do get up and check and find no one there. Once it happened when taking a nap and my sister and niece were home, only I heard it and they didn’t hear anything. I’ve never really lived in a haunted house before, and mine is definitely not as active as others I have read about. Any hour of the day or night the doorbell would ring and there would be no one there.