Ringing The Doorbell Urban Dictionary (DIY Project Download)

Melissa: I know, I was up all night ringing the Devil’s Doorbell. Samantha: Nice! Can i ring your door bell shane asked, yes you can shawn replied. rim job looking at the brown eye tossing salad eating ass brown noseing. Of course, that’s because they announce a visitor like a doorbell usually does.

how to fix garage door spring cable 2Satan’s Doorbell is the turbo Christian term for a woman’s clitoris. Whatever you do, don’t touch my clitoris, because if you ring Satan’s Doorbell God can’t ignore us. Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Help translate! Top Definition. to ring the doorbell. to fart or break wind. I have to ring the doorbell. It’s another name for ding dong ditch; the act of ringing an unsuspecting citizen’s doorbell and running for your life. In order enhance the doorbell ditch experience you should find a clever hiding spot and observe the priceless reaction of your victim.

To severely hit or smack another person. One is usually in the hurt bag after having their bell rung. See dial tone. Ring my bell,(ring my bell, ding dong ding, ahhhh!) from Ring My Bell by Anita Ward, 1979 (world-wide 1 hit). Knocking on a door or ringing a doorbell, then run away before the inhabitant answers the door. A popular teenage pastime on boring summer nights.

Urban Dictionary: Satan’s Doorbell

The kind of sex that takes place in a hurry (or lasts longer than expected) before someone arrives, thereby ending it with a ring of the doorbell. At this point one party heads to clean up while the other just fixes clothing and greets the guest straight off the act. Serbian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Help translate! _()_/. There aren’t any definitions for ringing yet. Can you define it? When you don’t feel like getting out of the car to ring a doorbell because you’re italian and lazy (like me), so you just toot the horn twice and hope for a response. Instead of ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door upon arriving at another person’s domicile, the ricer will instead rev the engine of their unnecessarily loud Honda, Toyota, or Mitsubishi. Last night I was ringing the bell for my girlfriend and she sprayed all over my futon. Using your finger in a doorbell pushing movement to see if your partners arse is ready to be probed. Online Slang Dictionary. (American, English, and Urban slang). Definitions include: to ring a door bell at night and run, while they stand there looking like an idiot.

Urban Dictionary: Ring The Bell

It was common respect to ring the doorbell upon delivery. Hence, on their afternoon return roun, there would come the 2nd doorbell ringing. Joe. WATCH: 9 Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know. WATCH: Alligator seen ringing doorbell of S. Carolina Home!