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The SlopBuster Mailbox Protector is the original snow and slush (slop) deflector for roadside and rural mailboxes. Developed by Erie Products to protect mailboxes from the impact of snow,. SlopBuster is a patented, highly engineered system built tough in the USA. A letter box, letterbox, letter plate, letter hole, deed, mail slot, or mailbox is a receptacle for receiving incoming mail at a private residence or business. In the US and Canada, rural curbside mailboxes may be found grouped together at property boundaries or road/driveway intersections, depending upon conditions. A number of designs of letterboxes and mailboxes have been patented, particularly in the United States. Various privacy, theft-protection, vandalism resistance and corrosion-resistance test requirements. A mailbox protector comprising a deformable cover adapted to be attached to at least the upwardly facing surface of a mailbox; a reservoir inside the cover adapted to confine a liquid, non-toxic dye; and ports adapted for expelling dye from the reservoir upon the application of a crushing blow to the cover. Patent Citations (5), Referenced by (8), Classifications (5), Legal Events (4) External Links: USPTO, USPTO Assignment, EspacenetMailbox protector US 5067650 A. 23 Aug 1994, 24 Oct 1995, Albanesius; Glenn S. Roadside mail box protector.

roadside mailbox protector patent 2The combination of a rural type mail box, a bolster plate and an impact resistant cage as recited in claim 1 wherein one of the plurality of arch members is positioned at the front of the mail box and another arch member is positioned at the rear of the box and all the arch members overlap the horizontal structural members. There is no known patent art relating specifically to rigid impact protective shields for rural mail boxes. Abstract: A mailbox protector may include a deflection surface adapted to deflect impacting snow and debris thrown by a snow plow. Abstract: This invention provides a roadside mailbox that is installed in a housing that can be wholly or partially buried in the ground. A mailbox support, which can support at least one rural mailbox, and which includes a horizontal support component to provide for a gang-style mailbox arrangement on a horizontal platform; and.

1 is a perspective view of a rural type mailbox, broken-away in part, to show its construction,. 23 Aug 1994, 24 Oct 1995, Albanesius; Glenn S. Roadside mail box protector.

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