Rockler Box Joint Jig Plans (DIY Project Download)

Be sure to read the detailed directions for turning the wood panels or else you create a mess as I know from experience. Here’s an adjustable, reusable box joint jig that will suit any joint. It’s the last one you’ll ever make. Downloadable plans are available in the My Account Section after purchase. Now you can machine bigger box joints for large-scale projects on your router table. Build large chests, guitar amps, cabinets and more! Just use the knobs to secure the MDF base of the jig into the miter slot of your router table the sturdy steel sled then lets you guide the workpiece past the bit with complete control.

rockler box joint jig plans 2Our Super Box Joint Jig combines versatility with accuracy and ease of use. Using a system of either single or multiple brass keys, the jig will cut box joints in 1/16 in. How to cut box joints using a simple jig and your router table. A sliding router table jig, such as the Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig works with any router table with a miter slot (Photo 1). Order Woodworking Plans, DVDs and Supplies. Box joints add a professional touch to your projects, they can be cut on a table saw with a dado blade or with a router in a table with a straight bit. Plan to have a finger that will divide evenly into the height of the box for best results, 1/4, 3/8.

The Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig is well made, easy to use and produces very nice box joints! Click image to enlarge. Then when you are planning the width of a project piece you can simply measure the gauge to see exactly what width you can use. Build the Jig Build a Router Table Box-Joint Jig Subscription Required Follow our step-by-step photo slideshow for instructions on how to make this box-joint jig. There are countless ways to cut finger joints (also called box joints). Over the years, Fine Woodworking has published plans for a variety of jigs to cut them.

Woodworker’s Journal Super Box Joint Jig Plan

Five easy-to-build shop jigs that put your router to task cutting large circles, trimming edges flush, cutting mortises, and more. Dial in perfect-fitting box joints on your table saw or router table. I wanted to make a small box for a project and I wanted strong joints. Box joints, also called finger joints or comb joints, are really quite strong and have an attractive, handmade appeal which looks good on, well, everything. The plans, as I understand it, were originated by Lee Sabin for use on a table saw, using single blades, dedicated box-joint jig blades, such as Freud Tools, or using a stacked dado blade set-up. The Router Table Box Joint Jig works with material up to 3/4 thick. Read Woodworking Articles & Watch Woodworking Videos to Build Your Skills. We have converted many of our most popular project plans into PDF format. You can download them from PlansNOW. Box Joint Jig – Multiple Fence System. Complete Router Table/Cabinet.

Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig

I bought one of these a few weeks back since it was on sale but have not yet tried it out as im waiting to build my router table but i look forward to using it and it looks very well made. Box joint made easy with on the table saw & router table. The advantages continue far beyond the basics: I-Box-exclusive joints like the Center Keyed Box Joint can be used to produce symmetric patterns on any width lumber, allowing you the flexibility to create joinery that matches existing project plans rather than altering board widths to fit the limited possibilities of traditional box joint jigs. I also use those bits with my router mortising jig, for dados and plan to use them with a router table spline jig. I made my own router table box joint jigs for the university shop I teach in. Although not as refined as dovetail joints, they can be cut on a tablesaw or router table using a simple shop-built jig. Not only that, but you can use a box-joint jig on virtually any width or thickness of stock.

Used Rockler box joint jig for sale. Designed for use on a router table, the jig is made from MDF with a plastic fence that slides on an Aluminum track.