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Friction coefficients, table. Rolling resistance and Aerodynamics. The coefficient of friction between two materials in relative sliding may depend on contact pressure, surface roughness of the relative harder contact surface, temperature, sliding velocity and the type of lubricant whether the level of contamination. To reduce the force required to overcome wheel rolling resistance, one can select a wheel with a lower coefficient of rolling resistance (for example, the forged steel wheel has coefficient of rolling resistance of 0. General ergonomic suggestions for maximum (manual) pushing forces can be found in interactive tables at the Liberty Mutual Manual Material Handling section of its website. Calculator to find tire friction and rolling resistance coefficients.

rolling resistance coefficient table 2Tire Rolling Resistance Coefficient is calculated by dividing the measured rolling resistance force by the tire size’s prescribed load during the test. Comparing Rolling Resistance Coefficients only allows comparing tires within a single size. That is, the force is proportional to a rolling resistance coefficient multiplied by the velocity. In my tests, this seems wrong, and the page itself (and the sources it cites) admit that they’re on shaky ground in terms of explaining or proving that formula. It even provides a table of coefficients for different circumstances. But if the force is constant, won’t a car in neutral with the engine off be accelerated backwards by this force? What is rolling resistance at velocity 0?. Now some time ago, I had noted that there was a lack of reliable data on the rolling resistance of different tyres, and after trying a number of road tests to measure rolling resistance, I could see why.

Rolling Resistance. The rolling resistance coefficient represents the energy lost to factors other than dynamic friction, such as plastic deformation, hysteresis and slippage of the contact surface. A table with values for each of these parameters can be found by clicking the link below:. The block models the resistance force that acts on the wheel hub due to the rolling resistance at the road-wheel contact surface. The model can use a constant resistance coefficient or the pressure and velocity dependence of the SAE J2452 standard. Whereas the rolling resistance coefficient (RRC) is a standard metric for characterizing and comparing tire energy performance, less comprehensive data exist in the public domain for accurate characterizations of tire traction and wear resistance.

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