Roosterman Cigar Box Guitar (DIY Project Download)

Cigar Box Guitars are a lot of fun to make and easy to play. In this picture, from the left, you can see the fantastic six-string bread box resonator made by Roosterman, using a cutlery box and a bread bin lid. HENRY LOWMAN commented on Roosterman’s photo ‘ HumBug ‘..and it’s ELECTRIC, too! Who knew?LOL! Roosterman’s Videos Handmade Music Clubhouse (CBG HQ) is a place for people to take back the music. Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters – CBG HQ.

roosterman cigar box guitar 2This is what Roosterman has. the Cigar box Nation site This year will see Boxstock going back to its roots. 3 string Cigar Box Guitar Lesson (Sweet Home Alabama). I love roosterman’s posts and appreciate that he takes the time to help other players learn CBG, so don’t start!. Roosterman – Cigar box guitar builder, supplier, occassional tutor and vintage vehicle collector!

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