Rotating Closet Shoe Rack (DIY Project Download)

The Revolving Closet Organizer is One-of-a-Kind closet system, It will increase your storage capacity and will help you organize your all accessories. An innovative design that will increase the storage capacity in your corner and help you organizer your Shoes, Boots, Hats, Purses, Jewelry, Folded clothes and other accessories. Corner closet system called The Revolving Closet Organizer. Its got the name because the unit you see on the Left can contain over pairs of shoes It takes. A rotating shoe storage cabinet is the ultimate closet shoe rack to maximize your storage space.

rotating closet shoe rack 2Closet organizers and free luxury walk in closet designs by The Closet Carousel. More storage capacity and unequaled convenience using our unique, rotating closet organization systems. Your motorized walk in closet system comes with easily adjustable single or double tier hanging track, adjustable baskets for storing folded garments, handbags and other accessories, as well as specially designed adjustable shoe racks. Organize your closet and keep shoes off the floor and in plain site with our Rotating Five-Tier Shoe Rack. Crafted from durable wood, our Rotating Five-Tier Shoe Rack can hold approximately 15-20 pairs of shoes. Storing shoes in your closet can take up a lot of room, but this lazy susan storage idea will keep your closet organized while saving space.

A spinning shoe rack holds up to 226 PAIRS of shoes. If you are not between the lucky ones who have a built in closet in your home, then don’t worry as there is a great storage solution for your problem. It takes up less space than our previous floor shoe rack in our coat closet. And – to my delight – umbrellas and baseball bats fit perfectly in the center. No more clutter! It even holds up to 18 PAIRS of shoes! Now I must buy one for upstairs. Should you feel like getting a shoe organizer to tidy up your small closet space, here is the neat gadget called Spinning Closet Shoe Organizer by Taylor.

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With proper shoe storage like shoe racks, shoe boxes and shoe organizers from BedBathandBeyond.

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