Round Table Debate Format (DIY Project Download)

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Round table is a form of academic discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Most of these are done around a table in a studio, but occasionally they report in split-screen from remote locations. Some sports shows, such as ESPN’s Around the Horn, employ the round table format. The Roundtable Forum assignment offers an alternative to more traditional debate formats. Among the advantages provided by this format are the capacity to avoid bifurcation of issues and the ability to attend more fully to multiple layers of complexity. George Will, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, Mary Matalin, and Jake Tapper.

round table debate format 2Debate. The debate format can be an effective way to present opposing views about a topic. The typical format for a roundtable discussion is to have one or two experts on a topic serve as hosts for a table. When submitting a debate proposal, please describe the topic to be debated, the participant composition and format of the debate, the major points likely to be argued by each side or the questions that will be posed to them, and the debaters expertise related to the focal topic. Roundtable/Conversation Hour Submission Requirements:. Here is a table of the eight speeches and their time limits: Speech: 1AC 1NC 2AC 2NC 1NR 1AR 2NR 2AR Time: 8 min.

The result: Intelligence Squared, a high-quality debate series in which the two sides try to persuade the audience not grandstand for those who already agree with them. But the big-name participants including Michael Crichton, David Brooks, Christopher Hitchens, Randi Weingarten, and Fareed Zakaria the eclectic topics, and the spirited format quickly forced the program to find a bigger venue. Spain hosts first seminar in non-conventional technical debate format. CENER and Spares in Motion served as key note speakers and participated in the round table discussions along with Iberdrola, Hydac, SKF, Sincro Mecanica, Cogelsa, Ingeteam Service, ZF Service and EDP. My role would be to oversee the debate, coordinate all the responses, and then package it all up into something readable and interesting. Sort of like a high school debate team.

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