Rubbermaid Fasttrack Rail Height (DIY Project Download)

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The backbone of the FastTrack Garage Organization System, FastTrack rails are quick and easy to install. The heavy steel construction provides extra durability, and each rail holds up to 1,750 lbs. To install the FastTrack Rails, you will need a hardware pack: one pack is needed to mount a 48 rail and two packs are needed to mount an 84 rail. With this garage height advantage, pretty much all my other tools and gear is stored on the walls using the Fastrack garage orgainization system from Rubbermaid. As shown a the top of this article, the Fast Track system has wireframe racks that can be attached to it, as well as wooden racks shown to the right. 07-10-2012, 02:59 PM. I have Gladiator Garageworks in my garage, and Rubbermaid Fastrack in a small laundry room. What height should I mount it? Since it’s a narrow area, I’m thinking fairly high so the heads of the tools (shovels, brooms, rakes, etc.

rubbermaid fasttrack rail height 2Before installing my new Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 piece kit I gave the wall a coat of white paint, and that itself was the hardest part, installing the system was very easy! You just need to find the studs on the wall using a stud finder or doing it my favorite way, with a nail and hammer, marking the edges of the stud. It consists of a track that is hung at any height desired, and Rubbermaid storage components such as baskets, shelves, and hooks that snap onto the track. The point of the task apart from looking really cool is to figure out how much wall space you have for the rails, and how many Rubbermaid Fast Track accessories you could fit on them. Buy Rubbermaid 48” FastTrack Rail FG5G76FTSNCKL at

China’s innovation and expertise in high-speed rail open new doors to export opportunities, Zhao Lei reports. Boarding or alighting at nine suburban stations on the Central Railway (CR) may soon get easier, as the administration has expedited the work of raising the height of the 17 platforms at these stations to 900mm to complete it by March 31. You attach hanging rails along the walls at various heights (attached to studs), then connect storage aids along those rails – things like bike hooks, storage baskets and hanging storage shelves, storage bins, tool hooks, wheelbarrow hooks, ball rack, fishing pole holder, hose and extension cord holders.

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rubbermaid fasttrack rail height 3I am now considering the straight track element and was wondering if timber sleepers or fast track bases would be the way to go. Does anyone know the rail height on fast track bases, and whether in using them the rail would be too high/low when presented to a rail in chair on a 1.

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