Rubbermaid Fasttrack Rail Instructions (DIY Project Download)

Assembly Instructions. FastTrack Closet Shelving & Bracket Installation Tips. 3D05 – 5′-10′ Closet Kit. 3D10 – 3-5 Ft Wardrobe Closet Kits. Install the FastTrack mounting rail into the wall. I am told I have to buy one set of hardware, but nowhere do I find instructions that tell me what bolts should be used on the rail or the uprights. The backbone of the FastTrack Garage Organization System, FastTrack rails are quick and easy to install.

rubbermaid fasttrack rail instructions 2The Fast Track system may come with directions and hardware for you to install everything, but here s an overview of the process and the resulting shelving units with some pictures. FastTrack rail. Contents include 3 drywall anchors, 1 push pin, 11 number 10 screws and instructions. The pack features wall mountable functionality. The instructions could have been more clear, all the holes lined up and in no time it was secured to the wall and ready to be stocked.

Read everything you ever wanted to know about Rubbermaid closet organizers. Do I have to follow the instructions with regards to the height of the hang rail? Vehicle Mounting Instructions. The FasTrak toll tag must be mounted properly before use. Note: Before installing, please see this Important Information on Special Windshields. Get everything to help you install a FastTrack garage rail with the Rubbermaid FastTrack garage rail hardware pack. Contents include 3 drywall anchors, 1 push pin, 11 number 10 screws and instructions.

How To Install A Rubbermaid Fast Track Rail System (with Pictures)

Organize your garage using Rubbermaid’s Fast Track system. According to the Rubbermaid website, the 48-inch Fast Track rail is capable of holding close to 1800 pounds. Buy Rubbermaid 48” FastTrack Rail FG5G76FTSNCKL at While shopping in the store I decided to look at three different garage organization systems by Gladiator, Kobalt, and Rubbermaid. Assembling the Kobalt K Rail System: Way Easy Stuff. How does this compare to competitors like FastTrack and Gladiator? The directions on the Tapcon box say to drill 1/4 inch deeper than the length of the Tapcon. Direct Wall Mount Instructions STEP 7B STEP 7C STEP 7A Hang cabinet on rail. The 5 piece kit comes with one 32-inch rail, one multi-purpose hook, two scoop hooks, and one handle hook. I followed the instructions and mounted the Rubbermaid FastTrack (Garage Organization System) 5 Piece Kit first to see how much work it would be, and how much it could hold. Rubbermaid provides 9 anchors and 13 screws (the instructions clearly state that this is what’s included).

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