Rug Pad That Won’t Damage Wood Floor (DIY Project Download)

The wrong rug pad can actually damage your floors. Others believe that rug pads will harm their lovely wooden floors. Choosing the right rug pads for hardwood floors can be very challenging as consumers have to choose carefully. Rubber is a better material than felt, because it continues to maintain a nonslip surface, and it won’t leave damage or markings on the floor.

rug pad that won't damage wood floor 2Wood Floor Rug Pads to Avoid Steer clear of most rubber, foam-backed, latex, plastic-matted or non-ventilated rugs and padding. Be sure your rug pad won’t harm whatever finish your flooring is protected by. When a hand-knotted wool oriental rug meets hardwood flooring, a lot of homeowners get nervous. While likely the most expensive solution, these pads hit all the marks: they’re non-slip, they cushion and protect oriental rugs, and they won’t damage hardwood flooring. However, the adhesive on these pads won’t last as long as tap-on or slip-on pads. Choosing the wrong material with chair glides can lead to floor damage. Carpet. A harder material like steel or plastic work best.

Q: We bought a new area rug to go under our dining room table, and it’s a different shape from the old one. White spots from moisture can be rubbed with fine steel wool, a soft cloth or a synthetic pad and a small amount of mineral spirits until the spot is gone. The heat from the steam can also damage the floor’s finish and some wood finishes or older waxes might haze over. ARE PADS REALLY NECESSARY UNDER MY AREA RUGS ON HARDWOOD FLOORS? You bet.

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