Rust Tool Cupboard Range (DIY Project Download)

Rather than removing the tool cupboard, why not add raiding tools like making the ladder something you have to carry to walls or having siege towers. After all the time put into rust ive learned one thing, If someone wants in your structure they will get in no matter what, regardless of a cupboard. The issue as I see it, is that once you have access to that cupboard you can build since it is outside the range of the other cupboard. I haven’t played rust in about 6 months. You can still build outside of a cupboard’s range, you just don’t get the added protection. Also, your friends can add cupboards and grant you access. As we all know, the recent changes to tool cabinets have taken some getting used to, but for the most part are alright. Also range was more efficient if you were good.

rust tool cupboard range 2Being in the radius of an authorized cupboard gives you extra abilities too, like being able to demolish and flip/rotate other building blocks. Someone could break in and destroy or clear your tool cupboard and take ownership. The Pipe Shotgun is also incredibly powerful, skill-wise an even easier 2 shot kill, yet I can fire it close range and quickly whip out my Pickaxe to fold someone in half. We’ve changed it so you can only place a cupboard outside the sphere of influence of another cupboard, even if you own that other cupboard. One thing to note about the sentry turrets is that they have a short range of 20-30M, and will not engage targets beyond this point. The tool cupboard was not checking for a clear line of sight when someone tried to authorize or clear it, only the distance between the cupboard and the player. Also cupboards should have a range to them so that other cupboards can’t be placed next to one another. I think in Rust it takes thinking outside of the box sometimes to protect your base.

For those of you who have played Legacy Rust, welcome back! Large rocks are as much a risk as mountainsides or even places that might be out of range of your tool cupboard that other people can use to build a bridge onto your homebase. What is the Neon Range? Are you looking for a brighter way to store your tools? The ToolPRO Neon range of tool cabinets are exclusive to Supercheap Auto and come in 7 unique neon colours designed to stand out in your workshop or garage. So if you have 3 Tool Cupboards placed in your base, you need authorization on the first cupboard placed to build.

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