Safe Bed Sharing With Infant (DIY Project Download)

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Some studies say bed-sharing with baby is beneficial, while others have linked the practice to serious health risks. AAP recommendations for safe infant sleeping environments. Formula feeding increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. No sleep environment is completely safe. But public health efforts must address the reality that tired parents must feed their infants at night somewhere and that sofas are highly risky places for parents to fall asleep with their infants. Bed-sharing is controversial in the United States. Supporters believe that a parent’s bed is just where an infant belongs. But is it safe?

safe bed sharing with infant 2Find out how common co-sleeping is, how to decide whether sharing a bed with your children is right for your family, and what the bed safety issues are. Find out the chances of rolling over on your baby and how to make co-sleeping safe. Sleeping in the same bed as your baby is called co-sleeping or bed sharing. Learn the importance of bedsharing with your newborn babies. In an article for Mothering magazine, Tina Kimmel dissected the statistics from an 18 year period (1980-1997), showing how co-sleeping with your infant may actually be twice as safe as letting them sleep alone in a crib.

Definitions of co-sleeping vary it doesn’t always mean bedsharing. And while the AAP advises against letting a baby under the age of one sleep in your bed, it does recommend having baby sleep in a safe crib or bassinet within your arms’ reach as a way to reduce baby’s risk of SIDS. Bed sharing with an infant, or co-sleeping, has become a hot-button issue for many parents. These are devices that sit next to the bed and allow babies to have their own safe space, Colvin explained. STORY: Despite risk, more infants sharing beds. She tried following the safe-sleep guidelines with her son but ended up falling asleep with him while he nursed.

Sleep-sharing: The Family Bed

safe bed sharing with infant 3Bedsharing works so well because breastfeeding mothers and babies are hardwired to be together during vulnerable sleep periods. The baby stays oriented toward her breasts in that safe cove, away from pillows. Any mattress made and manufactured for adults is unsafe for infants. How to Co Sleep Safely With Your Baby. Co-sleeping, also known as sleep-sharing, is the practice of sharing a sleeping space with your newborn baby. The sensory-rich sleep environment of bed sharing, which leads to more frequent arousals during deep sleep and more light sleep, from which it is easier for the infant to arouse, appears to confer a survival advantage for children at risk of SIDS (McKenna, 1996; McKenna and Mosko, 1990; McKenna et al. As a result, it is not safe to have an infant sleep on these surfaces. There’s a lot of underground co-sleeping going on these days. The incidence of bed-sharing is on the rise in the U.S., and while most parents say that their baby sleeps separately at night, when researchers ask more specific questions, it turns out that roughly half of moms and dads actually do sleep with their babies at least occasionally. Tips for safe bed sharing in pictorial form. To keep a cosleeping baby warm, we found that in the summer only a t-shirt and diaper were necessary.

Myths And Truths About Co-sleeping

A recent study concludes that bed-sharing may be safe, even in young infants, provided the baby sleeps in a bed (rather than a couch or chair) with a non-smoking parent who hasn t had more th. Bed sharing leads to more breastfeeding and may protect against SIDS. UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative statement on research into bed-sharing and SIDS – May 2013 Following publication today in BMJ Open of a new paper on the link between bed-sharing and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative has issued the following statement. You’ll have to educate yourself about bed sharing with infants as the reports and some research is misleading. Bed sharing can be done safely no matter the age of the infant. Sleeping with baby in an adult bed (bed-sharing) is common. Studies have found that around 50 of all UK babies have bed-shared by the time they are 3 months old. Before you bed-share, consider whether you are happy it is safe for YOUR baby.

Bed-sharing refers to the specific type of co-sleeping where the baby and you are in the same bed. The truth-Everyone sleeps better when they feel safe. What is safe for one family may not be safe (or even possible) for another.