Sagging Garage Door Header (DIY Project Download)

If there is too much weight coming down on your garage door header, it will start to sag. Question: I have a question about a sagging garage door header. I have 16′ double garage door opening with a sagging header. I live in Houston, TX, so there is no concern for snow load. The home was built in the mid-70’s in an area that apparently did not have.

sagging garage door header 2I have a visible deflection in my garage door opening and received a contractor estimate ( 6K) to remove the brick, replace the lintel, rebrick & paint around the garage opening. There is no visibility to determine if the header is also sagging. Mark Donovan of Home Addition Plus shows how to fix a sagging garage door header in this video. Lintel Lift System is patent pending product that ensures garage door lintels or headers won’t sag.

What size was the wood header in the garage above this opening? A double 2×12 is not adequate for that size door, it should be double 16 or 18 inch LVL and the lintel should be well bolted every 14 to 18 inches. A garage door opening can sag if the garage door header is not the proper size. Sagging Garage Door Header – Community Forums See more about Garage Doors, Garages and Flooring.

Is Lintel Or Header Or Both Sagging?

sagging garage door header 3This member is a garage door header beam of span sixteen ft with no 5) test the span and loading first, we want to make sure our spans and loading were. I doubt if you may be capable of frame any form of header to span sixteen toes that gained’t sag a little bit. These how-to videos are brought to you by Your one-stop shop for instructional videos and DIY projects. Would you like to share a video that teaches a craft in 5 minutes or less? Click here. You do need an engineer. Jacking the deflection is different from arresting it”s progress. Jacking often creates greater loads for the repair to bear, because the existing header doesn”t resist the load much in the range of the correction. Has anyone with a two-car garage ever dealt with a sagging front header over the door? Mine is bowing – not to a degree where it’s a structural. We are the 1 Garage Door Repair Service in El Paso TX – 5 Star Reviews + Great Warranties – Best Pricing on Springs & Openers – Open 7 Days a Week.

Sagging Lintel