Sanding Veneer Plywood (DIY Project Download)

Veneer plywood looks like hardwood but it is actually plywood that is coated with a very thin layer of wood. I have read with great interest some techniques of sanding plywood in the archives but still have a few questions. Burning through the oak veneer is not a question of which grit to use. Hi – I’m looking into building a bookcase with walnut veneered plywood and I have a question about sanding. Do you need to sand the face veneer before applying a finish? Usually with solid wood I sand.

sanding veneer plywood 2What grit do I start with for sanding Birch ply? Plywood sanding? If it is a thin veneer sheet, then you may have to live with any deep scratches in the face simply because if you sand them out, the glue layer will telegraph through. I’m in the process of testing different stains, both gel and oil, on some quarter inch plain sliced white oak veneer plywood for a wainscot project I’ve undertaken on my house. That said, sanding hardwood veneer plywood must be done very carefully. Veneers today are very thin. The plywood is sanded to 180 grit at the factory so if you protect the surface during construction, minimal sanding should be required.

What is your normal sanding schedule for stain grade plywood? With today’s very thin hardwood veneers, sanding should be done very carefully. Hi All, I am in the process of making a Cherry Computer Desk for myself. The base is solid cherry with the top made from cherry veneer plywood and a solid cherry frame. I’m building a bookcase out of vg fir plywood & vg fir lumber. I stupidly sanded through the veneer in a small spot about 2 long & 1 wide.

Plywood Sanding?

sanding veneer plywood 3Oak (and most other species) plywood has VERY THIN veneers so you want to keep the sanding to a minimum. As Sawkerf said, the veneer on most plywood is quite thin and sanding through it is very easy to do. Sand the wood veneer on the plywood with a hand orbital sander fitted with mid-grit sandpaper, such as 100-grit or use an oscillating tool equipped with a hook/loop pad and sanding accessory, or even a hand sanding block. If you anticipate staining mismatches, make practice glue-ups of finish-sanded scrap plywood or veneered MDF and solid wood to experiment with these three solutions:. Since I started off nervous about sanding through to plywood, I applied almost no pressure, but then I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere (let me tell ya after an hour, that was an awesome realization). Increasingly thinner veneer, reconstituted veneers, bamboo, exotics all require different sanding parameters that can be programmed and stored in the systems computer providing consistent sand quality between lots and reduced set up time. Their main complaints were: how long the process took (much too long, according to them) and sanding through plywood veneer when flushing up the edge strips.

Plywood Sanding Schedule

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