Sanding Wood Countertops (DIY Project Download)

I recently took a palm sander to our home butcher block and wanted to share how easy it was to resurface and make look like new. Having done this once, you should be able to give your table or block a quicker sanding every six months or so. Refinishing a wood countertop can be a weekend project if you use the right methods and finish. I started by sanding the current finish off of the countertops with my orbital sander.

sanding wood countertops 2Butcher block countertops can be practical and lovely in a kitchen. To restore your stovetop surface to a more smooth condition, finish sanding with a fine grit sandpaper. Your contribution of finish sanding, sealing and installation completes the project and puts a dramatic hand made wood countertop in your home. Give the wood a quick sanding with the grain, first with 120-grit, then 180-grit paper.

So for those of you with butcher block counters of your own, or considering butcher block counters for your. Your method is fine for refinishing vertical surfaces, like cabinets, but not for counter tops. We’ve lived with our homemade wood countertop for more than a year now. Despite choosing a very cheap grade of lumber, it came up beautifully smooth and even with the sanding. Cleaning and maintaining a wood countertop is a daily task. Most stains, burn marks and scratches can be removed with a light sanding.

How To Refinish Butcher Block Countertops

We sanded, cut and began installing the reclaimed wood. The part you are not going to like: all the wood should be sanded so that the new varnish matches. Your wood countertop is never going to be bulletproof. Butcher block countertops and beadboard cabinets bring an inviting look to this large, open kitchen. Countertop should be smooth to the touch once sanding is completed properly. After sanding the wood down with higher and higher grits (the wood was pretty smooth to begin with, so I started with 180 and then moved up to 220 and 320) and wiping down with a tack cloth, I was ready for the first glimpse at (part of) my new kitchen. Butcher Block Countertop Treatment. DIY Wood Plank Countertops. Framing lumber tends to be VERY rough, so the sanding was definitely the worst part of this whole thing. There are a variety of options for permanently sealing and waterproofing butcher block wood countertops, commonly used in kitchens. When there’s a scratch or gouge, or the wood begins to look aged, it’s relatively easy to spot repair by sanding and blending a little oil into the remaining wood to bring it back to life.

How To Stain And Seal Butcher Block Counters

Question: I have a kitchen island that has a cutting board top. I have just sanded it and would like to put some kind of finish coat on it. Can you recommend an oil finish that is suitable for a food preparation surface? Answer: FINISH on a cutting board may be a misnomer! Proper surface treatment however is important to guard against germs or mould growth. There were some naysayers for using butcher block for countertops. Between coats, I sanded with fine steel wool and paper bags (which oddly really works to get the counters smooth). Photos of Mesquite, Walnut, Wenge, and other custom wood countertops, island tops, and butcherblocks. Sanding down to bare wood is typically not required. With two little kids in the house, the wood countertop frequently gets stained. I take my handy dandy, fine sanding block and sand away the mark.

The countertops actually arrive with one coal of sealant on them, but it penetrates into the wood pretty well, so multiple coats are recommended. As the sanding removed parts of the oiled wood, I applied some linseed oil (It was some left over from a can of oil bought from ikea. However, as soon as I first wiped the countertop with a wet cloth, it soaked up the water (I could clearly tell from the smell). Wood countertops bring incredible presence and balance to any space. All of our wood countertops are completely hand sanded, then protected and finished with Waterlox tung oil to create a lasting, lustrous and food-prep safe surface. GOING WITH THE GRAIN: Wild for the way wood countertops can make a kitchen more warmly appealing? We help you sort through the options. Unsealed wood counters can be sanded to eliminate gouges, burn marks, or serious stains, though sanding is not recommended, much less required, for general maintenance.