Sarcococca Confusa Christmas Box (DIY Project Download)

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A small evergreen, Christmas box brings much needed bloom and scent to the gardenin. Sarcococca confusa – reaches about 6 feet at maturity. Also called Christmas or sweet box, even these inviting names have failed to make them popular and they remain the most neglected of evergreens. Near the back door, a bush of Sarcococca confusa makes a fountain of green all year. Neat dark-green foliage throughout the year and clusters of ivory-white stamens in winter on this highly fragrant small shrub – excellent in containers near doorways.

sarcococca confusa christmas box 2Sarcococca confusa makes a rounded, compact bush with tiny white flowers. Known as the Christmas Box or Sweet Box, they are neat, evergreen dwarf or small shrubs with glossy, dark green leaves and fragrant flowers. There are 11 species from South East Asia, China and the Himalayas, ranging from the largest at 2m tall, Sarcococca confusa, to the spreading ground cover plant S. Christmas Box, Sarcococca confusa. sarconfcrop500. Sweet smelling flowers are enough to make us love a plant forever, but Sarcococca keeps on giving.

Christmas box, Sarcococca confusa, is a dense, winter-flowering evergreen shrub, bearing sweetly scented, pure white blooms, in contrast with dark green leaves. Monrovia’s Sweet Box details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Sarcococca confusa often more commonly referred to as Christmas Box or Sweet Box is a bushy, compact, evergreen shrub which will bring some much.

Alan Titchmarsh’s Plant Of The Week: Christmas Box

A delightful evergreen very hardy plant. Its origins are not clear but is believed to have been introduced from China at the beginning of the 20th century. My choice is Christmas box, sarcococca species. The most common is Sarcococca confusa, a dense, low-maintenance bush. It is the largest of the clan and can reach 4m-plus in height. Scented, Aromatic, Fragrant Shrubs and Garden Plants: Sarcococca confusa – Christmas Box. Whilst Christmas is now behind us I thought Sarcococca (Christmas Box) was still an appropriate choice for the start of the year. Sarcococca confusa lives up to its name as there is confusion over its origin and it doesn& 146;t appear to be recorded growing in the wild. The flowers of Sarcococca confusa might be inconspicuous, and hide beneath the leathery foliage, but you won’t miss their powerful, honey-like fragrance. Christmas Box is a versatile, evergreen shrub that needs little maintenance and can tolerate many different garden situations, especially difficult areas such as dry shade. GROWING GUIDE. Sarcococca confusa. Origin: Western China. Plant Group: Shrubs. Hardiness: Sunset zones: 4-9, 14-24. USDA zones: 7-9. Heat zones: 9-6.

Sarcococca Confusa

Found on Dawn Nowak. sweet box. cottonwood. Sarcococca confusa, Christmas box sweet-smelling flowers in January shade-part shade. Sarcococca confusa — Christmas box. Very scented white flowers in winter and evergreen leaves. See more about Evergreen, White Flowers and Nature. Sarcococca confusa. Christmas Box. Winter-blooming small evergreen shrub. Very fragrant small white flowers and shiny black berries in January. Hardy, likes some shade 36. Sarcococca confusa. Sarcococca confusa -. Sarcococca confusa – Christmas Box Sarcococca confusa, Christmas Box – white flowers borne along length of stem.

Genus of evergreen shrubs with green, glossy and leathery leaves and fragrant flowers in winter and early spring. Grow in humus-rich, moi. Sarcococca confusa, commonly known as the Christmas Box or Sweet Box, is native to east and south east Asia, including the Himalayas.