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Do you want to create a scroll box for pictures? This generator will create codes for any website, including myspace 1. Create a scroll box that contains pictures on top of each other. Height: Background Color:. In these examples, I didn’t set the border-width of the box with height:0px to 0 so you could somewhat see what I’m doing 3. Includes ways to change the style of div containers, picture backgrounds, gradients and other things to help you with your profile. Adding a background. Find background-color:000;. under fade. and replace it with. background-image: url(YOUR URL HERE);. Adding a Scroll bar.

scroll box backgrounds 2This journal is a perfect example of journals that need scroll boxes. The background is pretty, but if the journal entry was long, the background would loop and look horrific. To adjust the height of your scroll boxes, change the bo. ::-webkit-scrollbar addresses the background of the bar itself.::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb addresses the draggable scrolling element that resizes depending on the size of the scrollable element.

I want to make a page with a background image and then I want to put my content in a box that will be transparent. So, when people scroll the content of my page they will still be able to see the background image through my transparent box. Lastly cool is setting the main command to the same color as the background of the page so that the scroll basically disappears except for the little button the user moves up and down. I am putting this text in to make a scroll bar appear in the textarea box! 02. black scrollbox. TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT. 05.scrollbox with background image: put the image URL where it says IMAGE URL HERE. TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT.

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scroll box backgrounds 3How do I extend a div (or background) past the horizontal page boundaries, without having a horizontal scroll bar? With Break Point and current position of scroll bar in hand all it’s left is to change the background color once they are matched. Before we can do that, the calculated break points and the corresponding background color has to be stored some where easily accessible, else we will end up doing the whole calculations every time the user scrolls. Background image that I’ve used for demo in this tutorial:—————————————–Background link: link by TaNa-JoHow to use a content-holder box? Please read this Custom Box Tips n Tricks Journal. The code block has two divs – one for the background color, and one for the content. Lastly, in order to remove the scroll bar, I added the overflow CSS — I had to add x and y, as I found without y, when you reduced the site and the mobile kicked in, it produced a double scrollbar effect (not sure why). States whether the background covers the border-box (default), padding-box or content-box.

How To Make A Transparent Box Over The Different Background?