See Through Wood (DIY Project Download)

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The see-through wood, which the scientists say is stronger and a better insulator than glass, and more biodegradable than plastic, could one day be used in windows, tables and other building supplies. Windows could be made from transparent, renewable ‘wood’, according to Swedish researchers. A team from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have created what they describe as ‘transparent wood’, a type of veneer in which a component of the cell walls is chemically stripped. If you thought that see-through concrete was a cool material innovation, this even more refined-looking wooden counterpart may dazzle you even more. And with the core technology now fully developed, the sky is the limit – virtually any material can be made to let light pass through it.

see through wood 2Researchers at the University of Maryland developed this see-through wood by boiling regular wood in water and chemicals, which flushes out the molecule that gives wood its color, Engadget reported. Heat & Glo See-Through wood-burning fireplaces let you fill two spaces with authentic warmth and ambiance. Define two rooms with attractive finishing options for each side. Wood fireplaces custom-built to your specific size and design by Acucraft. Efficient, beautiful, indoor-outdoor, see-through, large or very large – just the way you want it.

Researchers have developed a way of treating wood to make it transparent, potentially creating a strong, inexpensive building material with diverse applications, ScienceAlert reports. This super-sized see-thru fireplace makes twice the impact! With two sides, these multi-sided wood fireplaces enhance the style and drama of traditional and contemporary spaces alike. Enjoy the view of the fire through its modern style doors. Great in a master suite between the bedroom and bathroom and so romantic! How about between a dining room and a living room? Or maybe between a dining room and a kitchen? Whatever or wherever you desire a see-through fireplace, the Westmount is there for you. Whatever or wherever you desire a see-through fireplace, the Westmount is there for you.

There’s Now Transparent Wood That’s Stronger Than Glass, Thanks To Science

see through wood 3Researchers at the University of Maryland were able pull away color and chemicals from a block of wood to leave it impressively see-through. Supreme Duet See Through Wood Burning Fireplace. View Large Image. The authentic masonry look of our Heat & Glo See-Through wood-burning fireplace creates a magnificent view from two sides and is available in two sizes. The award winning Vision is the industry’s first and only see-through wood burning stove. Offered in a variety of different colors, this product is ideal for an open concept home. See-Thru Wood Fireplaces, Decorative features and some amazing ambiance. Call Obadiah’s today! Do you carry any wood fireplace inserts with glass doors on two sides? See-through fireplaces are not uncommon, but there are no inserts for them with two-sided views of the fire.

See-through Wood Could Be Used For Walls, Windows, Solar Cells