Shaker Cabinet Door Dimensions (DIY Project Download)

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It is with interest that I read the statements of stile and rail size in Shaker cabinetry. Update your kitchen with these simple but stylish DIY shaker cabinet doors. For overlay kitchen cab doors what widths do you use for the rails/stiles? Some Shaker-ish cabs have top/bottom rails wider than the stiles.

shaker cabinet door dimensions 2These shaker style doors are attractive. The width depends on whether it’s a single or double door cabinet, with a single door spanning the full width of the box and double doors only half the width. These dimensions are for cabinet doors. If you are making a full size entry door or something, obviously, these dimesions are useless. I have also been looking at the Shaker designs and like the wider face frames as well. Thoughts about choosing practical and attractive dimensions for face frames, cabinet door stiles and rails, and drawer fronts. If we have a shaker style project these are our typical proportions.

A thoughtful discussion on whether and how to vary the stile and rail proportions when designing and detailing cabinets with larger doors and smaller drawer faces. Manufacturing efficiencies are improved when face frame and door stiles and rails are all the same width. This particular door is called a shaker style door. I like to make my frames 2 1/2 in width. You can cut these to width on the table saw.

Building Cabinet Doors

shaker cabinet door dimensions 3We manufacture custom size kitchen cabinet shaker doors and drawer fronts.Shipping anywhere in Canada and the USA. Minimum height is 9 1/2 on doors, 6 on drawer fronts. Dimensions Must Be In Decimals. The quality of my new maple unfinished shaker doors is really amazing. Easiest way to build your own frame and panel cabinet doors – from Shaker trim looks like a wood frame around a door. It can also be a series of wood frames together on a larger door or panel. How to Make Shaker Trim for Cabinet Doors. Measure the length of the cabinet doors. Shaker cabinets, sometimes referred to as an inset-panel design, consist of a wood framework around a flat panel. Shaker cabinets and doors also may have evenly spaced vertical lines routed or cut into the face of the panel. Find great deals on eBay for Shaker Cabinet Doors in Kitchen Cabinets. Shop with confidence.

Stile And Rail Sizes For Doors And Drawer Faces

This classic cope and stick door is the perfect fit to a customized kitchen. The Shaker door is a cope and stick recessed panel door. Our Square Shaker Panel style wood door is a premium, stain-grade, shaker panel wood door with a 1/4 inch bead on the inside edge of the frame. Width (?): Will be rounded to the nearest 1/16 inch. Max value 60. Height (?):. Some SHAKER STYLE DOORS are available in a Square, Arched or Cathedral shaped top. Minimum height for FULL rail is 8 and REDUCED rail front height minimum is 5. When ordering cabinet doors online you will need to know how to measure cabinet doors. If you are dealing with split door openings add 1 to the height.