Shallow Bookshelf For Paperbacks (DIY Project Download)

Andrew needed a shallow book case for paperbacks in a narrow hallway. If it wasn’t for a window shutter in the way, i’d add another one or two shelves for more paperback storage. Nobody really sells shelves that work well for paperbacks outside of library product catalogs (and those are very expensive, priced for institutional buyers. The freestanding version does take shallow shelves. Proudly display all your paperback books anywhere in your home with our flexible pine bookcases. Design a shelving system to maximise space in any room.

shallow bookshelf for paperbacks 2I just want to find some shelves which could store normal size paperbacks and other tat, without the content getting lost at the back of the unit (and wasting loads of floor space in a narrow corridor). Paperback books present a special storage problem, both in size and quantity.They are usually much shallower–typically a little more than 4 inches deep–than hardbound books and they seem to breed. This tall bookshelf is just what was needed in Beth’s Teeny Tiny Peek-a-Boo View home, which is only 365 square feet in total.

Discover thousands of images about Narrow Shelves on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. I searched on paperback book shelves and found these 5.5-deep ones. Posts related to Shallow Bookshelf For Paperbacks. Shallow Bookshelves For Paperbacks Shallow Bookshelf Shallow Bookshelf Speakers.

Why Don’t Ikea Make Shallow Bookshelves?

The average mass-market paperback is 6.7? tall and 4.1? wide. IKEA – BILLY, Bookcase, white,, Shallow shelves help you to use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space.Adjustable shelves; adapt space between shelves according to your needs. But if you ONLY have small things on your shelves they lose their individual aesthetic value and your whole space can look VERY cluttered. One thing I’ve noticed in Blogland (Hendersonville included) is that almost of these examples of how-to-style-your-bookcase show primarily white, shallow bookcases. Choose from a frame filled entirely with sturdy steel shelving to house your collection of tomes, or a mixture of trays, deep & shallow boxes with shelves to store a variety of paperbacks and objets. Marina designed the shelving system with this modularity and adaptability from realising the strange way people store objects in a box or on a tray that is then placed on a shelf. Paperback books are ugly, and they don’t add to the decor of the room. Look for more shallow containers instead of tall ones, and be sure that your container has a lid. Is there a average depth that works best for book shelf? Even assuming you mean regular paperbacks I don’t think an average is the way to look at this. I’ve seen barraster’s bookcase units up to 16 deep; 20 for file-cabinet modules; subtract about an inch and a half to get interior dimensions; I’ve also seem them go shallower as part of a system which allows shallow units to be stacked above deep units to create a breakfront effect (though the commercially produced systems don’t usually permit that kind of mix-and-match).

Ideas About Narrow Shelves On Pinterest

Unless one has very few books (fewer than a couple of bookshelves, at the most) it would be chaos. So now I have a bookcase that has a very tall, very deep shelf on the bottom for large books, like my art books and some of my cookbooks, and then there are a few medium shelves for small hardcovers and trade paperbacks, and then several small shallow shelves for paperbacks.