Shallow Bookshelf Speakers (DIY Project Download)

So I need a relatively shallow speaker that will still image well on a tight shelf. So not sure if that will push me toward a front port or sealed speaker. The Wharfedale Diamond 220 sports a 1-inch (25mm) soft dome tweeter and 5-inch (130mm) woven Kevlar woofer. It’s a small, affordable speaker that sounds richly balanced, yet never lacking in detail. Hello, I need an advice with choosing speakers. I have AV Receiver Denon 1802, rated 80W with 8ohm per channel, it accepts speakers with impedance.

shallow bookshelf speakers 2The Jamo A 101 is shallow enough to match the slimmest new TV’s and is only 2/50mm deep, so it can easily be placed in contemporary home decors. Soliloquy SAT 5 Bookshelf Speakers – A Speaker Shootout on TNT-Audio. We knew that a sealed box with these dimensions would probably go on the wall or on a shallow shelf; therefore we capped the bass extension of the speaker for its application as a surround channel, or mini-monitor joined to a sub. The Q100 bookshelf speaker is KEF’s exciting entry into our Q Series line of home audio speakers. Whether used in a two channel music setup or as part of a complete home audio package, you’ll fall in love with the performance and price! Priced as a PAIR of speakers.

The KEF Ci160TR is a high end ultra-thin shallow depth in-ceiling loudspeaker featuring KEF’s patented T Series thin driver technology. Designed to fit when nothing else will without sacrificing sound quality. As an additional option, the 1400 SR-z surround speakers are not only great surrounds, they’re also the first speakers developed by anyone to be used with the new Dolby PL-IIz Height algorithm. Their small size and shallow mounting depth makes them the perfect speakers to mount in height applications. Mythos Series models are slim, elegant speakers with aircraft grade Aluminum enclosures designed to match the styling of today s high tech flat panel TVs. The Mythos XTR series models are ultra-slim on-wall/on-shelf high performance loudspeakers designed to match today’s super shallow TVs. For applications that demand speakers with compact dimensions but big speaker sound there is the Studio Monitor series of bookshelf models.

Ci160tr Shallow Depth Thin Bezel In-ceiling Custom Installed Speakers

When compared to traditional bookshelf speakers, the WB-14 is more refined, taking up less space while still delivering our dynamic and detailed sound. (or taper rates), which is why they feature large mouths and shallow depths. Hi,Soon I want to get a pair of Bookshelf speakers for my bedroom hifi. With a very shallow depth and no ports, they’re well designed to be placed with backs VERY close to (if not against) the wall. They usually have a larger footprint than bookshelf speakers even though some modern models are slim and shallow compared to older types. Currently have mounted a pair of tannoy mecury VR speakers either side of the TV in the bedroom which is approx 12ft x 11ft but not really happy with. The Tannoy Mercury VR are specifically surround speakers and do not have the response of the V1i bookshelf speakers. Everyone from recording studios to home theater enthusiasts to hardcore audiophiles have a place in their life for bookshelf speakers. Small speakers deliver great imaging and fit into small spaces in ways floorstanding speakers simply can't. Our Timbre Series Bookshelf speakers are engineered to work harmoniouslywith our Aaros Series subwoofers for a rock solid 2.

Ci160tr Shallow Depth Thin Bezel In-ceiling Custom Installed Speakers

For a simple (and relatively shallow) crossover like this, it’s less critical, but when you get up to higher order designs, it can through your filter Q all out of whack and cause some bad ringing or peaky roll-off. I recently bought 2x Polk Audio T15’s book shelf speakers like 2 weeks ago. This bookshelf loudspeaker gives you a clean sound supported by a great bass and good dynamics. Shallow front grilles ensure minimal edge diffraction and reflections. Im thinking about getting bookshelf speakers because honestly i dont care to wear headphones much but anyhow im looking at the pioneer bs22-lr and i’m wondering would. So i was thinking since my desk is shallow and theres almost no space for rear ported speakers the a2’s might do the job if i added a sub with them might make them better than my 623’s.