Shallow Bookshelves For Paperbacks (DIY Project Download)

Andrew needed a shallow book case for paperbacks in a narrow hallway. I can’t find a link to it on their website and am not sure how much it costs, but definitely not as much as the media unit. you don’t have to buy the entire media unit to construct this bookshelf. I also have some Danish midcentury bookshelves that are shallow, so you might try looking for something like that on Craigslist. For reference, materials for my two sets of 8′ x 4′ plywood-backed paperback shelves cost a bit over 100, but a) I spent nothing at all on making them look nice and b) that was not in NYC, so I’d go well over that for the materials. I want to build a shallow bookcase to line my hall – full height and as long as I want really. Trade paperbacks come in a wide variety of heights and widths (depth of shelf), just like hardcovers.

shallow bookshelves for paperbacks 2Proudly display all your paperback books anywhere in your home with our flexible pine bookcases. With our easy to use design tool you can create any shelving arrangement to suit your home, from a simple pine bookcase to a large, multifunctional library and storage system. My roommates have a few IKEA Expedit bookshelves, which waste a lot of space at the top and, while you can fit three rows deep, I hate not being able to see the spines of my books. The average mass-market paperback is 6.7? tall and 4.1? wide. Bookshelves: As seen in the photo up top, a slim bookcase helps this hallway double as a library for books and media storage.

Keep paperback books organized and easy to browse. TLS strives to offer a wide array of options, from spinners to shelving, countertop, floor or wall-mounted. Also try searching for:Wood shelf,Storage rack,Wooden book shelves. For example would a 9 inch deep shelf fit for most books and standard paper (8. I’ve seen barraster’s bookcase units up to 16 deep; 20 for file-cabinet modules; subtract about an inch and a half to get interior dimensions; I’ve also seem them go shallower as part of a system which allows shallow units to be stacked above deep units to create a breakfront effect (though the commercially produced systems don’t usually permit that kind of mix-and-match).

Store Paperback Books With Ease By Designing Your Own Pine Bookcase

bookcase systems 3Paperback books are ugly, and they don’t add to the decor of the room. Look for more shallow containers instead of tall ones, and be sure that your container has a lid. One thing I’ve noticed in Blogland (Hendersonville included) is that almost of these examples of how-to-style-your-bookcase show primarily white, shallow bookcases. I custom built a bookshelf because I have tons of paperbacks that I need to store and most bookshelves are just too big (too much space between shelves and too deep). So now I have a bookcase that has a very tall, very deep shelf on the bottom for large books, like my art books and some of my cookbooks, and then there are a few medium shelves for small hardcovers and trade paperbacks, and then several small shallow shelves for paperbacks. Shelfies are photos of your bookshelves, with or without you, OR photos of you reading a book. This colorful bookshelf is in our living room: it holds paperback Puffin Classics, Penguin Young Readers clothbound classics, the Beverly Cleary collection, Nancy Drew, the Mother-Daughter Book Club, Puffin in Bloom, and more. We have a long shallow shelf set-up in our activity area, aka. the breakfast room, for displaying books and projects. Books, paperback, and book the perfect thin bookcase, Bookshelf width 90 cm is the type. Depth on the shallow shelf, storage, such as hardcover books.

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