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BedRyder, a pick-up truck seating system, debuted on ‘Shark Tank’ on March 6. Heavy interviewed business partners Carey Hyde and George Conway. That’s where BedRyder comes in, a product making its Shark Tank debut on Friday night, which will give you that additional seating you crave. Local entrepreneur George Conway and the BedRyder removable truck seats he is marketing with partner Carey Hyde will be included on tonight’s episode of.

shark tank bedryder 2BedRyder makes your truck more versatile by allowing you easily add and remove extra seating in your truck bed. Pop BedRyder in and go for a ride, and remove it quickly when you need the cargo space. BedRyder — a company that turns your pickup truck into a TruckUV with two seats in the bed — is ready to go, and the sharks love salesman George Conway. Way to much and if shark tank don’t want it why would anyone else.

Watch Shark Tank video online free. Preview: BedRyder Worries the Sharks (1:42). See All Videos. EDIT. Preview Summary. Kevin foresees lawsuits aplenty. In theory, we like the general idea of BedRyder. After all, if there is one frequent complaint that many have about pickup trucks, it is that it is not exactly easy to haul many of your friends around in them, at least in a legal manner. BedRyder adds two passenger seats to a pick-up truck bed.

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