Shattered Glass Desk (DIY Project Download)

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Next month: Remember the wood desk that burned? I have ordered some military grade adamantium desk from Ebay. Hopefully it arrives soon!. I want to know what the OP did to shatter the glass in the first place. Tempered Glass should just shatter randomly. Beer was empty from the previous night, the bottles didn’t shatter. Here i was on the verge of thinking a glass desk might be nice when i upgrade in the new year. You’ll have people doing a double take when they see this open glass table desk. The open space will allow you to neatly place any books and paperwork away neatly to be shown through the clear glass top.

shattered glass desk 2The NBC 6 Investigators take a look at numerous consumer claims of spontaneously exploding desks. The scare turned into disbelief as she rushed toward her seven-year-old’s room to find glass shattered in the hallway and all over his room. Video of IT worker Rhys Evans, from Gosford on the NSW Central Coast, shows the moment his glass lunch container explodes randomly while he’s sitting quietly at his desk. Shattered glass table mystery. Had a computer desk crack due to cold being next to a window. It had a computer on it blowing hot air at it.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received reports of at least seven tempered glass desks from IKEA spontaneously shattering. Honey Grove resident says glass desk shattered into thousands of pieces. EXPLODING DESK: Luke Parer’s glass computer bench exploded in the middle of the night. Patrick Woods. Have seen a glass pool fence spontaneously shatter, although it didn’t actually ‘explode’. ReplyReport post. Jade sent us an e-mail: Hello, I am looking for a glass desk for my 8×13 office.

Nbc 6 Investigation: Glass In Desks Spontaneously Explode

Need something to hold your pencils & pens? Check out our selection of Cracked Glass desk organizers. Shop all of our amazing designs & purchase your favorite! Matrix Edge Glass Desk Glass Top Table with custom glass etching and carving – Designs carved into the glass create a unique, stunning glass table. Sandblast Etched & Carved Glass, Shattered Glass. However, the procedure that makes tempered glass safer can also make it suddenly shatter.

No Recall On Ikea Glass Desks Following Scant Reports Of Spontaneous Shattering