Shorten Baseball Swing Drills (DIY Project Download)

Simple baseball hitting drills that will improve bat speed and power. The purpose of the baseball hitting, fence drill, is to correct a long and looping swing. Shorten Your Swing with One Handed Drills Article by Bryan Sidensol.

shorten baseball swing drills 2Doing this drill makes the swing speed occur out in front of the plate. Taking the knob to the ball doesn’t shorten the swing – it creates a more direct bat drag. My son 12, has had a continuous problem with a swing path that seems to long. I was told to use the fence drill and also soft toss with his hands 6 inches apart. The baseball fence drill is an easy drill for any baseball player. This drill develops bat speed while teaching the hitter to keep his hands inside the baseball. To shorten a hitter’s swing and gain bat speed, tell him to keep his hands inside more.

Winning Baseball – Noodle Drill – Shorten Swing Path See more about Swings, Noodles and Paths. Loose hands drill with coach John Mallee. This will shorten your swing path and allow you to get to the ball faster. Now we are in fall ball, and he is having a terrible time swinging the bat.

Son Needs To Shorten Swing

Hitters inevitably get a little anxious and can end up almost jumping at the ball at times, throwing their timing way off. The swing should not start until the front foot lands. Practice Plans, Drills, Videos & more. Second, try shortening your stride, a little more difficult. Find out what he says makes a bat swing successful. It gives you a gauge of where there is length in your swing and how to shorten it up. It helps improve reaction time and forces batters to shorten their swing. College coaches use the 3-2-1 Hitting Drill, and now so do the Lady Commandos. Remember this is just a drill and stick to the main principles of swing training for larger numbers of swings. If the batter is too long to the ball or has that A to B to C swing that is considered a slow-pitch softball swing, drills can be used to make the hitter shorten up. (To reduce player’s fear of the baseball). Drills to shorten up my swing – posted in Instruction & Academy: Im coming off one of my worst driver rounds of the year today.

Winning Baseball

Astros report: Springer working to shorten swing. Houston Astros starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel during batting practice before the start of an MLB baseball.