Should You Paint Cabinets Or Walls First (DIY Project Download)

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In a bedroom, if you are going to carpet and paint a bedroom, which would you recommend to do first? Before we dive in too deeply on paint prep, let me first say that this is not a step where you want to take short cuts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cleaned cabinet doors and then sanded them, only to reveal all sorts of gunk that I never would have noticed otherwise. Anyone who would paint cabinets with super spec and then ask how to go about it, you have to wonder about, just a little. I guess the correct order is do all spraying first then brush & roll, so if you plan on spraying the cabinets then I would do them first, then brush& roll walls, or vice/versa.

should you paint cabinets or walls first 2You could, but you’ll be making some serious trade-offs to get it done that fast, even if you’re painting small cabinets, like in a half bathroom. That means: inside the drawers, and inside along the bottoms of the bigger interior spaces and where the shelves meet the cabinet walls. The kitchen is one of the first rooms many prospective buyers look at, and it’s one of the most-used rooms in many homes. Any update to your kitchen, whether you paint the walls, cabinets or both, adds value to your home, but it’s better to sand and refinish the cabinets before painting the walls. And as many of you know, we even had painted our cabinets awhile back as well. I actually painted the walls first and then did the cabinets and trim second.

Explore Kathrine Higley’s board DIY Painting (cabinets, walls, etc. I should remember this. A veteran painting contractor shares his secrets for painting walls fast, yet producing first-rate results. When it comes to painting, you are probably wondering whether you should paint walls or trim first. Ideally, you should start by covering larger areas first such as the ceiling and walls, then you can proceed to painting the trim. Should we paint first and then finish the floors, or the other way around? Every contractor I’ve talked to has a different opinion.

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He often brush-paints cabinets anyway because it gives him more control and avoids the risk of paint spray ending up where it’s not wanted. You know when you know how something should go, it’s just a matter of getting there? First coat of paint on kitchen cabinets. Some painters will tell you they prefer to paint the trim first, but I’ve always preferred to paint the walls after the ceiling. The only time that I will paint trim first is when there is crown molding (remember top to bottom). Novice painters should purchase plenty of 2-inch blue painter’s tape to prep for the trim. Run the tape around all of the walls where they meet door frames, window frames and base molding. There is varnished wood molding on my kitchen cabinets, and the edge outside the sink needs to be retouched. Any suggestions for doing this myself?. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a process that requires patience, and you’ll have to be prepared to deal with a bit of chaos and disorder for a few weeks before all of the pieces can be put back together. I started by priming the cabinets and doors that would be the lighter color with the plain white Kilz primer. When reinstalling, attach the hardware to the door first and then install the door to the cabinet. But after I painted my kitchen island with a sprayer, I knew that doing my cabinets with a brush would not produce the look I wanted. Before you can really get moving, you first must remove your cabinet doors and drawers. You will also need to tape off the countertops, floor, some of the ceiling, and the inside of the cabinets (walls, too, if you don’t plan on painting them in addition to your cabinets). You don’t have to paint first. We never do. If the cabinets are behind schedule the painter will sometimes prime all the walls. It’s just easier for him. Our cabinets are custom made and finished on site. After the drywall is sanded we install hardwood floors then cabinets and trim.

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Advantages/Disadvantage For The Painter Replacing the carpet first makes the job more difficult for the painter. The painters will come in before carpet, kitchen cabinets, other floorings and other trades. If you are just painting walls, it will usually run smoother painting the walls after the carpet is laid. If you can paint a wall (and even if you can’t) you can paint your kitchen cabinets. First is the color of your walls. If you have brightly colored walls, your interior door should be brightened to match them. The opposite is true with darker colored walls. The frame should also match the interior door, so it doesn’t seem out of place in the wall. First Finish Coat – The first finish coat should be applied in a work area as dust free as possible. take a few minutes to shake out the drop cloths and vacuum the work table and floor. As you apply this first coat of finish paint you will begin to see how your work will pay off in the finished kitchen cabinet makeover. The paint (primer, wall paint, satin enamel) plus materials (sandpaper, dust masks, paint brush, etc.) cost less than 200.

Number 6 is a little tester that I did of how chalk paint would look on a cabinet door, and I was pleased enough with the results to move forward with it. I would paint the wall first with primer then regular latex paint, I think.