Should You Paint The Inside Of Dresser Drawers (DIY Project Download)

should you paint the inside of dresser drawers 1

Do you like the look of painted interior drawers? In my opinion, YES, YES, YES, every drawer should be painted if you 1) can reach it, and 2) if you are selling it, or 3) can be seen by others. I love the painted look and I am about to paint my first dresser. Paint the inside of the drawers, and the sides, too. Don’t you love opening a drawer and being surprised? Detailing the inside of a drawer can make that special piece EXTRA special.

should you paint the inside of dresser drawers 2I’ve always figured no one would ever really look inside, so what did it matter. Is there something I should use to seal the color to prevent this? I should be a little more specific on the sides of the drawers issue. On larger pieces like a dresser or table I always use a protective finish once the paint is completely dry. Question I’m dying to know- do you paint inside drawers, etc?

Thank you for all the kind words on the thrifted dresser makeover I posted the other day. Using a paint brush, we painted the inside and sides of the drawers with black chalkboard paint, two coats. The dryer sheets will pull the odor out, and your drawers should be left smelling like fresh laundry! Sometimes it takes a round or two, but it has worked for me with thrifted furniture in the past. Make sure to paint the inside edges where doors and drawers go. I am in the middle of painting a 30 year old wooden dresser, chest and nightstand with a total of 15 drawers. I also used a small foam brush to paint the inside of the drawer lip in Emile as well. It is important to note you should not do this if you are pregnant.

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Painting inside your dresser and cabinets. 1. Test one drawer and if the paint peels off, it would be likely you need to sand before painting. It is imperative that you do wear a mask and great caution should be used if you plan on using them with a pneumatic sprayer. You know me and my obsession with lining drawers. Being that this is my studio workspace, I thought it would be fun to add some fresh pops of color to make me smile each time I open the drawers. Measure, cut, spray adhesive and pop it inside! Paint tends to cure over time, so within a few weeks, it should be nice and durable. The front faces will be finished but should I do the rest? The few dressers I’ve made did get finish on the drawers. The finish, whether paint, wax, stain, or something else, can make or break a project. After using your clear wax you should have the same sheen on the entire surface. When you paint the dressers, do you do the inside of the drawers as well or just the exterior?. The problem is that the drawers in the dresser have fabric bottoms, and with age, they’ve taken on a strange smell. But if it’s possible it’s mold/mildew, you should definitely treat the wood. What kind of finish should I use inside dresser drawers? If you have planed the inside of the drawers smooth it should not be necessary to apply finish but a thin coat of poly or lacquer won’t hurt anything either James Jul 9 ’15 at 18:10. Finish after using chalk paint.

The Yellow Cape Cod: (how To) Dresser Makeover Furniture Deodorizing Tips

5. tape off all areas that you do not want to get paint on. normally i tape off the sides of all of the drawers so that when you open the drawers you see a nice clean line. Normally i tape off the sides of all of the drawers so that when you open the drawers you see a nice clean line. i also tape off the inside of the piece to keep all runners and such free of messy paint. I am going to paint my wooden dresser black right now! You have 99 problems but a dresser ain’t one. Anymore. Paint the inside a contrasting color. For furniture, I use interior latex paint, usually in a semi-gloss finish. Also the drawers of this dresser has glitter and up raised patterns of paint on them, definitely would sand those, right? Any ideas would be appreciated. Remove all of the drawers from the dresser. While an electric sander is usually fine for large areas of the dresser, you’ll still need to use a sanding block wrapped with sandpaper for tighter and harder-to-reach areas, such as corners or scorch marks, and more delicate surfaces, such as around decorative elements. In general, enamel paint should be preferred where the dresser will get a lot of wear and tear (such as in a children’s playroom or in a retail outlet). Use professional solutions for treating destructive insects inside furniture.

There aren’t rules as to what you should and shouldn’t paint. I can get away with two coats of paint on the inside. If you pull the drawers out, then you will need to mask the entire drawer, except the drawer front. Then, you will also have the added problem of spraying the inside of the dresser or piece, which can cause the drawers not to glide as easily. A latex-painted dresser’s drawers are sticking closed. I agree with dhartung that surfaces that slide against each other should not be painted. So, you either have to paint the sides of the drawers or the inside of the frame. You’ll find a gazillion tutorials all over blogland for painting furniture. For example, if you have dresser drawers, remove them from the dresser, paint them, and place them where they won t be in your way. Even if you are not staging a home right now, knowing how to repaint a piece of furniture is a handy skill any decorator or DIYer should practice. Then you pull out the drawers and this obnoxious odor hovers just under the tip of your nose. Should you take the chance or walk away? Tip 6: After a good scrubbing, sometimes the wood inside the dresser drawers can become parched and thirsty. Hi Houzzers, I’m hoping you can help me with a question. After I wrote about my painted freecycle furniture, lots of you asked for a tutorial about how to paint wooden furniture and I’m finally getting around to it. I used a slightly different method, since I didn’t want to use spray paint inside my house. I’m assuming the inside of the drawers are unfinished because there is no paint and stain on them. The light sprays should not hurt the wood if you let each dry completely.