Show Tables In Oracle 10g (DIY Project Download)

Hello Everyone, I am using Oracle’s ODP.NET Version 10g (i.e. Oracle.DataAccess.Client) and need to know how to create a list of tables and views found in the database. Hai Sorry for the mistake leave the earlier topic; I have to show all the database in oracle in Mysql we have the query that shows all the database. Here is a sample execution of this script and we can see that SID number 11 is holding a lock on the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table. Here is a script by Laurent Baylac to show locks in Oracle 10g:.

show tables in oracle 10g 2Can you show me in a sql query format to get the database name?. I got your points which is relevent to the physical image, whereas i need to get the details like a query. You will see the size of the table data and the indexes used. Are you sure that the original approach using the all_tables view includes LOB extents? I would think not. Browse other questions tagged oracle storage oracle10g or ask your own question. ALL_CATALOG, Contains every Tables, View and Synonym.

CONNECT sys/password AS SYSDBA AUDIT ALL BY audit_test BY ACCESS; AUDIT SELECT TABLE, UPDATE TABLE, INSERT TABLE, DELETE TABLE BY audit_test BY ACCESS; AUDIT EXECUTE PROCEDURE BY audit_test BY ACCESS; These options audit all DDL and DML, along with some system events. (This will list you all the constraints from that particular user in which you are logged in. (Note:The table name should be entered in uppercase as Oracle stores them in uppercase by default. SQL create table test 2 as 3 select from sh.sales; Table created. Now, we are going to check the READ_ONLY property of our TEST table:.

Get The Database Name In Oracle

show tables in oracle 10g 3Below is an alphabetical listing of the Oracle system tables that are commonly used. By continuing to use this website, you agree to view these advertisements and not prevent their display. I have so many tables.examples hari,ram,ravi,etc. Ten i want count of each table in single query. Count Records of All Tables in Oracle. (in Oracle 10g g and above). Creating external tables in your Oracle 10g/11g Database written by Hector R. The ORACLE_DATAPUMP access driver utilizes a proprietary binary format for the external file, so it is not possible to view it as a flat file.