Shur-tite Mailbox Bracket (DIY Project Download)

SHUR-TITE Mailbox Bracket is a patented design for 2-3/8 Outside Diameter Pipe and is formed from strong 14 GA A36 steel and then Powder-Coated Black. MAILBOX SUPPORTS AND BRACKETS. Support SHUR-TITE Single Mailbox Bracket SHUR-TITE Mailbox Double Adapter SHUR-TITE Sign Support. On a good note, He did say they completely ripped his mailbox out the ground concrete & all and when he ran out all he saw was sparks from under the truck & heard metal clanking! As I someone said on my FB! I guess im payin for my raising. Not sure I can get it 5 feet deep. State provides the base, posts and brackets and installs them to specs for txdot and usps.

modern prefab sheds  2Old Towne Vintage Cast Aluminum Mailbox and Post Combo, Black. However, the pole that gets mounted into cement into the ground is made out of a thin, cheap rustable metal, that rusted off, making the mounting bracket useless, to hold up this heavy mailbox. Sure, the mailbox won’t rust, but what good is that, if it won’t stand up? It was easy to put together but none of the pieces seem tight. So, I decided to follow the directions and mount the bracket on the post first, and sure enough it was a fit. I am very pleased with my purchase and would purchase online again. When the mailbox bracket mounts directly to the top of the post, attach the adjustable mailbox mounting bracket with four 10 x 1 1/2 tappping screws through the predrilled holes on the side supports of the bracket. Make sure the arrow on the spacer points outward, away from the bracket. Place the flat washer against inside of the spacer, attach hex head nuts and tighten.

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Gibraltar Mailboxes Old Towne Vintage Cast Aluminum Mailbox And Post Combo, Black-car100b0

It was a very tight fit, so it took quite a bit of work to get it to slide all the way down, but I finally managed. The mailbox arm already had a horizontal rectangle cut out of the back, and a piece of wood in the arm for the mailbox bracket to screw onto. Sure, it would be nice to have a finished entryway right away, or a finished music room this month, or a finished dining room in the next few weeks. You can sure save on the treats this way! Attach your effect to the L bracket. Note that it becomes very tight working inside the mailbox, but if you take the back panel off the mailbox it will be much easier. University of Missouri Collegiate Logo Decorative Mailbox Bracket by HensonMetalWorks. Quick Stick Flag Bracket Mailbox Flag Holder. BE SURE YOUR SURFACE IS CLEAN AND SMOOTH. Comes with thumb screw for holding pole tight.

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